Travel portable nebulizer Omron CompAir C24 and inhaler

A couple of people asked in the social network, so I decidedQuickly share our discovery, which can be useful for traveling with children, namely the Omron CompAir C24 road nebulizer and the Mahold inhaler. In fact, they are not positioned as road, but they can be called such, due to the size and weight. After we visited China, where we were rehabilitated for 3 months, of which Egor suffered from a cough for 1 month, we realized that it would be very nice to buy a nebulizer and carry it on trips. We already had one from the same company (CompAir NE-C28), but it was powerful and cumbersome, you don’t want to take it, considering that you have to carry a lot of things with you.

The content of the article

Types of nebulizers

I will not load you for a long time, since on any website of an online store, you will find detailed types of nebulizers, their pros and cons. I'll tell you briefly. Only 3 types:

- Compressor
- Ultrasound
- Steam
- Mesh nebulizers

Always read the medication instructions, which nebulizer can be used for a particular medicine.

Compressor nebulizers are suitable forMost drugs, for example, for Lazolvan, Berodual, Pulmicort, are cheap, simple, but often cumbersome and they cannot be filled with all kinds of aromatic oils, such as eucalyptus oil.

Ultrasonic nebulizers are silent, allowuse many drugs, but can lead to the destruction of the active substance due to ultrasonic waves (for example, it is possible to water solutions, but not oils), are expensive and often not compact. That is, we get about the same as in the previous version, but with more price and less choice.

Steam nebulizers allow you to do only inhalation with oil solutions, decoction of herbs, infusions, and are not suitable for most drugs.

Mesh nebulizers (electronic mesh, in factadvanced ultrasound combines the advantages of compressor and ultrasound: are silent, supercompact, they can be tilted (which is important for sleeping children), there are no restrictions on the active substance (but the oil is still impossible) reviews. In particular, they require constant maintenance and replacement of nets / mebran.

Our choice

Most often we use Lasolvan (Egor) andEucalyptus oil (Oleg), or do without a nebulizer. To buy 2 nebulizers is not quite an option, since I chose what to take with me on the road, and the weight with dimensions was of paramount importance. Trouble-free operation was also important, because if something breaks on the road, there will be no time and opportunity to repair the device.

Thus, my choice is a compact nebulizer compressor and a Mahold inhaler. This bundle does not take place, easy, cheap, fulfills its purpose, and does not break.

Omron CompAir C24

It weighs only 500 grams. It has no additional functions, such as changing the size of particles, but the initial functionality is enough. The kit consists of a compressor unit, a power unit (small), two breathing masks of different sizes, a mouthpiece and a nozzle for the nose. There is also a model Omron CompAir C24 Kids with toys, it is more suitable for children, but costs a little more. In our case, it is better that Egor is not distracted by a nebulizer at all (we give cartoons for watching), so there was no point in taking Kids.

According to the experience of using everything, we were satisfied: the aerosol is well sprayed, the camera can be tilted slightly, it does not require special maintenance. Simple and inexpensive model. Yes, if a child is very restless, who only has to be allowed to breathe in his sleep, then it is better to look towards mesh nebulizers or ultrasound, they can be tilted almost 180 degrees (even when the child is lying down), but they are completely different, not to mention a more complex structure that requires maintenance.

Travel Nebulizer Omron CompAir C24

Travel Nebulizer Omron CompAir C24

Portable nebulizer Omron CompAir C24

Portable nebulizer Omron CompAir C24

Road nebulizer easy to take

Road nebulizer easy to take with us (we are on a journey)

There are only 2 minuses and both are insignificant:

  • Intermittent operation (20 minutes on, 40 off),which is not big brethren. The same stationary CompAir NE-C28 can work for hours. But when a nebulizer is bought for a child, then why should he work for more than 5-10 minutes every few hours, but not the clinic.
  • Low productivity, two times less than the C28. On the other hand, you just need to sit a little longer.

Before this model, we bought the Omron CompAir C20,here it is better not to take it, even though it is smaller than the C24 (350 grams). Really got it. He has a nebulizer camera in principle non-working design. That is, it is even useless to change it, everything will be the same. Everyone suffers with her, she does not spray medicine. Or sprays, but it is necessary to "pray" to it, God forbid, a little shake or tilt. Although this does not always help, just the aerosol stops going and everything, you begin to flush, twist the bump stop (the blue thing is inside), dance around with a tambourine. Reviews on the official site are bad all polls. Unsuccessful model came out at Omron, well, the rest are normal.

Inhalator makhold

Surely, you came across him in the USSR. Glass such a thing, where aroma oil is poured. Moreover, you can then lower it into a glass with hot water, or you can do without it. Mukhold inhalers are now rarely sold in pharmacies, but at least I found them through the Internet in Moscow. I still have the same Soviet one, my age mate. The differences between them are minor, slightly changed the shape and has a modern capacity for oil.

An inhaler is not always called a Mahold inhaler, but the meaning is the same. Pour oil and breathe in pairs.

Mehold's inhaler, left old

Mehold's inhaler, left old

P.S. The bundle of portable nebulizer + inhalator Makhold is very compact for movement and, most importantly, cheap. And in order not to break the glass inhaler, you can remove it in the case of glasses or something like that.

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