Rock Beach on Lanta Island - a bar with an infinity pool

At the farthest edge of Ao Koh Kwang, whichon Lanta is the first in a row from the pier Saladan, there is a pleasant place among the rocks, in a secluded place of the cape. The territory, as I understand it, belongs to the resort, but the entrance to the Cape is free. The coast in this part of the island is stone, the beach is unbearable, and the embankment is covered with concrete. There are two places in the neighborhood: Rock Beach Bar and Coco Cape Restaurant - in fact, they are two in one, you can relax there and there. It all depends on your preferences and mood at the moment. Bar Rock Beach - it is more authentic, relaxed, island, and the restaurant is closer to resort classics, the standard Thai catering for farang.

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Rock beach bar

In both institutions there is a small swimming.the pool, which is made on the very edge of the shore and without one side. Well, do you know what an infinity pool is? This is when the water surface of the pool visually turns into the water surface of the sea, creating the effect of infinity. The space of the Rock Beach Bar is organized in three levels: the main room, the second floor in the form of a balcony - a higher level, and a swimming pool - a lower level. Alyapisty interior, without investing in a designer and without problems with the selection of furniture in tone, color or meaning. That found, then set. Pleasant European music plays, according to rumors, live performers sometimes come.

It is said that the best time to visit RockBara is evening. It is necessary to come here at sunset, but I had such a day that I was here before dawn and did not like the sunset atmosphere. But the bar itself is a very pleasant place, with its shallow beach, but I would not advise swimming on it. Bar prices, in my opinion - are average. I ordered Lemon Lime Soda for 105 baht and Spaghetti with seafood for 190 baht. The portion is small, in terms of the quality of performance - not bad, but I waited for the order for 20-30 minutes, as for me - this is a very long time.

Rock Beach Bar on Lanta

Rock Beach Bar on Lanta

Information to visit

Open daily from 8 am to 2 am.

Tables for dinner at sunset are best advance. Not in the sense that there is a full house and not overflowed, but there are only a few tables at the edge of the bar, closer to the beach and with the best view. In the evenings, mosquitoes can pester, so it is best to use repellents before visiting.

There is Wi-Fi. Pool for bar visitors - free of charge.

On the map

Restaurant Rock Beach Bar

Restaurant Rock Beach Bar
Rock Beach Bar and Coco Cape Restaurant, 2 in 1. Right next, one territory. There is a swimming pool and an uncomfortable beach with hammocks. Good at sunset.
Read more about the bar.

Rock Beach Bar and Coco Cape Restaurant, 2 in 1. Right next, one territory. There is a swimming pool and an uncomfortable beach with hammocks. Good for sunset. More about the bar.

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