Kings Park (Rama IX Park) - the only park in Phuket

In Phuket, as in many resorts in Thailandthere are almost no places where you could just walk, without reference to shopping or overcoming obstacles. Just a beautiful place, with convenient paths, in silence - as we are used to in Russia. Therefore, in Thai resorts, lovers of hiking exercise often walk along the beach, if the depth and friability of the sand allows, well, in some very small parks and squares, if there are any. But in Phuket there is a park named after King Rama 9 - big, cool, with a good idea. A cycle path, 4 km long with mileage marking, is laid around it, and in general it is focused not only on walks, but also on sports.

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Rama ix park

I could not find the history of the creation of the park on the network,for basically all links lead to the eponymous park in Bangkok. But already in 2014, the Royal Park named after Rama 9th existed, and according to feedback from visitors, it was already demanding repair and restoration. At the time of my visit in January 2017, construction work was underway there, and perhaps such activity was associated with the sad events of last year, when the King of Thailand, whose name was named the park, died. Because of the large-scale works, it was not possible to make beautiful pictures, but - than they are rich.

By the standards of the island, Royal Park Rama 9 onPhuket is very big, green, with tall trees, in short - there is where to roam. The declared area is about 1 square kilometer, but according to my feelings - all two.

There is also an opinion that the park is too open and herethere are not enough shrubs; in some places the grass is scorched by the sun and (possibly) due to the lack of watering. But unfortunately, there are no alternatives to this park in Phuket, so the Royal Park is the best (because it is the only) place in Phuket for walks and jogging. Although jogging is still suitable track around the lake near Wat Chalong (without trees in general) and the embankment around the lake on Nai Kharn.

View from the entrance to the park on the track

View from the entrance to the park on the track

Rama 9 Royal Park in Phuket

Rama 9 Royal Park in Phuket

When I came here, Thais ennobled onefrom the ponds in the middle of the park. A part of the territory has been dug over, concrete blocks are lying around, but most of the park is ready. Without a clue how long construction is going on here and how much it will all be prolonged. The idea of ​​the park is very good, about the implementation - let's wait for the results. This place has stopped me even in an unfinished form, even in the heat it is somehow good, everything is blown by the wind. Although, if we evaluate it in comparison with other parks, which I happened to see during my travels, then Royal Park Frame 9th in Phuket is somehow not royal.

City-yes. Plain, without pathos, regalia and architectural features. The entire park is a sanitized (but not landscaped) part of Phuket, with no signs of any decorative plantings, tropical delights or violent colors. Just combed and trimmed piece of jungle, several ponds, a network of walking and cycling paths. On the territory there are several stone fat, come across in a small number of benches, there is a simple playground and street simulators. Simulators are or very ancient, stylized as logs and hemp, or more modern, to which we have become accustomed.

Information to visit

Admission is free, opening hours - in the daytime. At night, too, you can come, but there will be nothing to look at, but you will prevent Thai teenagers from hugging.

The location of the park is such that neither specific points nor natural attractions are here. Simulators are all designed to work with their own weight.

On the map

If you look at the map, it’s quite obvious whereparking and where to enter the park. Focus on the point that I indicated on the map below. It stands at the turn from the road you will take, there is still a pedestrian overpass. Here is about him and will be the entrance to the park and the long parking.

King Rama IX Park

King Rama IX Park
A large green park in Phuket, the only one in this format. But unfinished, construction, scorched grass, little shrub.
More about the park.

Rama 9 Royal Park in Phuket

A large green park in Phuket, the only one in this format. But unfinished, construction, scorched grass, little shrub. Read more about the park.

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