Schengen visa to Poland - personal experience

Probably, someone has already noticed that we are gathered inPoland Turned up the opportunity to go to Warsaw in the rehabilitation center Olinek, so that they could work out there with Yegor. So, I began to apply for a visa here and realized that I and my Thailand relaxed completely. Who was crying there, that in Tae the vizarans were canceled and everything became difficult? You just did not do the Polish Schengen ... Apparently next time I will do Schengen visa to France or Spain, because Poland’s demands are too tough, I really felt like a citizen of a third-country country.

Okay, I will tell you what documents I submitted, and what I was told on the phone and in the visa center itself.

The content of the article

Self-receipt of a visa to Poland

Some weird requirements

For individual entrepreneurs: confirmation of economic activities (for example, certificate 2НДФЛ or 3НДФЛ or an extract from the tax inspectorate register and a certificate confirming an independent business) or an extract from the bank for the previous 3 months, a certificate not older than 1 month.

That is, if a person does not have such a certificate (orIP), then they need not just the presence of finances to show, but also the movement for 3 months. I had to redo the certificate from the bank, because at first I did the usual one with the current availability of money in the account. And there was some problem, because I have several accounts and showing movement of 10 thousand rubles for 3 months is somehow stupid.

But further more, I called the visa application center.I’m talking to Poland, look, I have an IP account, I can show you the movement of funds even for a year, for I really work, but now I have 0 rubles on this account, since I don’t keep money on it and no one holds it. And I have a personal account, where now is just the right amount (based on 3 people for 30 days). They answer me, there must be one financial document! Is that how it is? Naturally, I filed two bank statements, but more on that below.

In the civil passport stamps on the issuepassport must be marked on their invalidity. In the absence of such a mark, a copy of the old passport is required. If you lose your old passport, you need a certificate from the FMS, the police or other competent authority.

Not only are the marks in the passport of the Russian Federation onannulment of foreigners does not put anyone (I asked specifically), so there is no special reason to keep the old foreign, especially if it was changed 5 years ago. Well, that in fact, these stamps in the Russian passport is not checked.

Confirmation of residence (document from the institution,which guarantees residence or another relevant document indicating that it is supposed to live in accordance with the laws of the Schengen Member State (original, fax or scan with a print of the e-mail itself, in the attachment of which confirmation was received). Hotel reservations in Poland should be 50%, and in case of departure to other countries, Schengen should be fully paid. Hotel reservations (only in Russian, Polish or English) should contain the following information: the booking period, the names and surnames of the persons planning to stay at the hotel, the stamp, the address and telephone number of the hotel, information on the amount of payment made, the trip plan.

Unpaid reservations are not accepted, plus there is stillsome design requirements. They confirmed by phone that the accommodation should be paid for, and the reservation should state that it cannot be canceled. While France or Spain takes quietly printout booking with, which can then be canceled.

By the way, it is more convenient to watch hotels through the service.RoomGuru, which searches in all known booking systems immediately, and by Booking including. Conveniently, you can see where the price is cheaper and there is already booked.

Filling out the questionnaire and useful links

Here I will not stop in detail, becausethat the filling of the questionnaire is quite standard for a Schengen visa, and the questionnaire is also standard. I filled it out directly on the website of the Polish consulate, or rather, by clicking the link I went to the form where you can fill out this form and then save it to your computer and print it.

Online application

There you have to choose a country and a representative office, after which the item “Schengen Visa - Fill out the form” will appear on the left side, so click on it and the form will open.

Online application for a Schengen visa to Poland

Online application for a Schengen visa to Poland

At the end of the filling press print

At the end of the filling press print

An example of filling the form on the website of the consulate of Poland. Or you can download from this link from our blog.

If you do not want to fill out a visa online on the website, then you can download a pdf file (1 or 2) and fill it out in your pdf editor or by hand, after printing it out.

If there is an error in your application, then it's okay, you can cross out and correct it at the place in the visa application center, this is allowed.

Documents for the Polish Schengen visa

You can read the list of documents and all visa requirements on the Polish Consulate website. There is quite a lot of text on the link, but if you carefully read, then everything becomes clear.

What documents did I submit

  • A completed application form for a visa.
  • Photo 3.5 to 4.5, 2 each. And photos with corners or where the person does not occupy 80% of the photo do not fit, I was wrapped, made on the spot for 200 rubles.
  • Consent to the processing of personal data. Print out from the site of the visa center here, but you can fill in and on the spot.
  • Zagran passport and photocopy of the main page.
  • Photocopy of the passport of the Russian Federation. Pages: main, registration, stamp about marriage, information about children, stamps about foreign countries. For the child, respectively, a copy of the birth certificate. They did not say anything about the “canceled” mark on the stamps about the foreign country.
  • Copy of marriage certificate.
  • An invitation from the Olinek Reab Center, not the original, just a printout sent to me by email.
  • AirBnb reservation, printed from the site and fullypaid This was indicated in the printout, but there were no names, stamps and other things. Since airBnb armor is often canceled, you need to choose those hosts where you cannot cancel (this is all indicated in the housing profile). And if you still do not know what is airbnb, then it's time to find out and get a bonus of $ 20 after registration.
  • Paid tickets to Warsaw back and forth (bought here, but you can still buy on, there is also convenient to do it).
  • Medical insurance for the whole family with a coverage of 30,000 euros (I bought here, mega convenient service for travelers.)
  • Copies of the certificate of registration of the IP and my TIN. They also asked for a tax registration notice, but I didn’t have it with me.
  • Extract from a personal account with the amount (50 euro / day / person for 3 people and 30 days). As well as a statement of the IP account with the movement of funds for the last 3 months.
  • Sponsorship letter in free form, 2 pieces, one for the wife and the second for the son. Here we download the template improvised.
  • A copy of the disability certificate for the child (ifthere is). According to it, neither the consular fee nor the visa center fee will be charged for the child, that is, they will receive a visa in general for free. Also, 1 accompanying person (parent) in this case is exempt from the consular fee, but not exempt from the visa center fee.
  • Money in rubles in cash. Take on the course for the current day. 35 euros for a visa + 20 euros collection of the visa center.

How did I get a visa

Came about 15 hours. The queue was literally 1 person, the windows work a lot, so I waited 5 minutes, not more. The whole process took about 40 minutes, because I filed for three people, and I was wrapped with photos (there was a corner) and I made them on the spot in a photo booth for 200 rubles.

Specially asked the center employee aboutthe requirement to show the movement of funds for 3 months, she replied that yes, this is mandatory, just an extract does not roll. I also asked about two statements from the bank, said that one shows our solvency, and the second, that my IP is real and current, that is, by phone I was talking nonsense.

I also wanted an Olinek bill from me, but I saidthat we were not billed because it was not a treatment (although the goal in the questionnaire was put like this), but rehabilitation. On the spot we decide what classes, and then we are billed. I understand that in the case of treatment, an account is required.

All documents are checked carefully, but it developedthe impression that the girls from the visa center did not know everything, periodically ran somewhere to consult, and also could not say anything about how best to do it. However, they persuaded me to apply for an annual multi-Schengen, instead of a one-time on the necessary dates. The fact is that in the invitation from Olinek, it was written that for some reason they are waiting for us next year too.

I applied for visas on Friday, next Friday they were ready, that is, 5 working days. I also took it quickly, in 10 minutes.

Schengen visa to Poland

Schengen visa to Poland

Visa Center

I have already provided a link to the website of the Polish Embassy. But registration goes in the visa application center in the main. I applied there, and my friends went there too. On the website of the embassy there is a link to the registration of the completed questionnaire, I tried several times, but there all the time it was written “dates are unavailable”. Perhaps the embassy itself is not worth it already.

Visa application points are open from 9.00 to 18.00 from Monday to Friday.
- acceptance of visa applications - from 9.00 to 17.30,
- issuance of passports - from 9.00 to 18.00
Information by phone: (499) 426-03-12, (499) 681-19-26
Веб-сайт:, e-mail: [email protected]
It is located near the metro Savelovskaya, go somewhere10 minutes from the metro. And the entrance to the visa center from the Garden Ring, do not go anywhere in the courtyards, just behind the store Olivier, where there is a restaurant Tanuki.

Visa Application Center is under this sign

Visa Application Center is under this sign

Visa Center of Poland

Visa Center of Poland

The visa center takes an additional 20 euros for their work, so the visa will not cost as a result 35 euros (the standard consular fee for Schengen), but 55 euros.

Visa is up to 10 business days, so it is best to file in advance.

P.S. As a result, we received an annual Schengen with a stay of 90 days. It remains to think of why we need it, and where else to go to Europe so that the visa does not disappear.

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