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The craft of the fisherman is in itself hard worktherefore, seafood on the seashore is not cheap. This market is often included in a sightseeing tour of Phuket, so the price for popularity is added to the high price for the work of fishermen. This Phuket market is not a cheap market. In general, not a cheap market, focused on tourists, with high traffic and not suffering from a lack of customers. Moreover, according to my observations, over the years this situation has only worsened, being expressed not in the most positive attitude towards customers and in the growing price tags.

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Phuket Fish Market

The seafood market is located on the eastthe side of Phuket on Rawai beach. But it is called a beach conditionally, as the coast is dirty and often filled with fishing boats. Usually, only wintering workers and expats live in this area, and of course, the locals themselves.

Depending on your relationship to Southeast Asia, you orappreciate the diversity of the assortment in the fish market, or burst out with negative commentary about unsanitary conditions, poverty, arrogance of children of fishermen and high prices. Going to the fish market in Phuket, you need to keep this in mind and faced with reality - relax and smile. Do not make a face, do not wrinkle your nose, and generally do not express your displeasure, because the gypsies are astute people. Yes, sea gypsies, who are actually fishing and selling seafood in most Thailand food markets.

On the outskirts of the mall you can surrounda gang of petty hooligans who beg for money. God forbid you to show disdain or aggression towards children, no matter how hard they would covet you - just pass by or prepare a trifle at the mercy. You will start swearing at them or threatening to threaten - older Gypsies will do, and before the police arrive you will have time to redeem them in full, and not at all seafood. Smile and enjoy shopping in the rows where live foods are splashing. I was lucky when I was there a couple of times, something children did not come across to me at all, but people say that it happens differently.

Traders keep their catch, either in the ice or inplastic boxes with water. Bargaining is possible and necessary, but it is better to do it without attracting attention with noise and not try to be active in the presence of tourists who also want a discount. Given the high traffic and the popularity of this fish market in Phuket, bargaining for a fall is a laborious, but real, occupation.

Fish Market in Phuket, Rawai

Fish Market in Phuket, Rawai

Purchased products can be prepared right here in local cafes for 50-100 baht (per kilogram of products) according to your own recipe.

Well, the trick of the whole market, in my opinion, isdiversity. There are markets with more adequate prices, but the choice there will be poorer. Otherwise, it’s just a regular fish market next to the village where the fishermen and their families live. With all the accompanying flavors and autistic exterior.

Information to visit

Market opening hours: from 13.00 to 20.00. Prices - from 500 baht per kilogram.

In addition to seafood, you can buy pearl jewelery on the market (but these are defective pearls) of low cost. Sellers cook fish worse than they do in a cafe.

On the map

Rawai seafood market

Rawai seafood market
Rawai Seafood Market. Fish market, next to which is a sea gypsy village and Rawai pier. On the market you can buy fresh seafood of various names.
More about the market.

Rawai Food Market, Phuket

Rawai Seafood Market. Fish market, next to which is a sea gypsy village and Rawai pier. On the market, you can buy fresh seafood of various names. More about the market.

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