Shopping center Moremoll in Sochi - where to go in bad weather

You may wonder why it's on the list.the attractions of the resort city of Sochi, I add an ordinary and unremarkable shopping center Moremoll. Before meeting with my Sochi friends, I would probably ask someone else along with you, but now I have a very reasonable answer to that. Where to go in Sochi in bad weather? In the shopping center Moremoll. Where to find a family vacation in Sochi? In the shopping center Moremoll.

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Moremoll in Sochi

This shopping center is the only one in the city.such a supermarket, so when the Sochi residents have nothing to do or are bored, they go to Moremoll. After listening to this opinion, I took a couple of hours of time and rolled to the center by car to see what was good there.

After a quick survey of the Mall Moremol I cameconcludes that this is a regular shopping center. Three floors, a number of boutiques of world brands, reference, toilets, food court, elevators, escalators, Re: Store for the joy of the slaves of an apple, a cinema hall, and so on. In one place you can buy clothes, eat, watch kinchik.

The shopping center is on the same embankment and on the same side with Riviera Park, so if you want you can change the dislocation oncar or on foot. Of the features - check the trunk of cars if you want to call in the underground parking (and it is also paid), and there is a huge parking in the open. Can be reached by bus, but better by car.

Shopping center Moremoll in Sochi

Shopping center Moremoll in Sochi

Information to visit

Open from 10 am to 10 pm daily.

Underground parking is paid - the first two hours are free, then at 50 rubles per hour.

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Mall Moremoll

Mall Moremoll
The only (in 2018) large hypermarket in the city.
More about shopping centers.

The only (in 2018) large hypermarket in the city. Read more about the shopping center.

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