Secret Beach (Lanta Secret Beach) - yet wild beach on Lanta

Until recently, Secret Beach Beach on Lanta was closed to prying eyes, and it was only possible to get here along the shore from the neighboring Relax beach or Klong khong. And the boundaries of the beach are supplied with naturalfences of sharp stones, which not everyone decides to climb. So people just drove along the main road past the closed gates to the castle, unaware of what beauty was hidden from them so close.

Now the point of the beach has already appeared on the mapsGoogle so its secrecy will end soon. Moreover, there they regularly do something in terms of changing the territory: they level the land with bulldozers, uproot some trees and plant others. Thanks to this "shaved" you can watch an open, light and romantic view, approaching along a dirt road to the sea.

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Beach description

Lanta Secret Beach is located near Long Beachand is very similar to the Relax Bay Bay beach, only it is two times shorter than the Relax. When local residents told me about him, they called him Bambu Beach, which later turned out to be wrong.

This Bamboo Beach is hidden in the bay of Mai PhaiBay, which is much south of the coast. And Secret Beach on Lanta is a series of three very small, secluded beaches: the central one, which I captured in the photo, and two kids (20 and 90 meters long) that I did not watch.

On both sides, Lanta Secret Beach is bounded by stone ridges and is a small bay with yellow sand of medium size. The beach is wide, from 20 meters at high tide, to 40 at low tide.

Sunset, depth and waves

Lanta Secret Beach is a beach with normal depth. At high tide you need to walk 5–10 meters, so that you can get about the neck, and then the depth will only increase.

Ebb and flow are noticeable, but do not really affectchanging the depth - the beach remains cupable. At low tide, it is clearly seen that the coast is under a significant bias. At low tide the sea goes no less than 20 meters from the beach, and in order to catch up to the depth of the neck, you have to walk these 20 meters longer.

Under the water there are stones of small size, and large and unpleasant boulders are only at the edges of the beach where stone ridges are piled up.

Sun beds and shade

Shadows on Lanta Secret Beach quite a bit, hergives palm planting. The trees in it are still quite young and the shadows from them - the cat wept, but there are still a couple of adult trees in the center and this is the main shadow on Secret Beach. There is still quite a bit of brilliant green along the edges of the beach, in general, the whole coastal zone suffers from a shortage of trees. People solve the problem with improvised means: some bring with them sun beds and umbrellas, while others make huts and canopies of sticks and palm leaves.

Official rental of sun beds and beach equipment in principle - on the beach there. If it were not for the pre-sale preparation of the plot behind, Lanta Secret Beach could be called wild.

Beach photo

Lanta Secret Beach at low tide

Lanta Secret Beach at low tide

Lanta Secret Beach at low tide

Lanta Secret Beach at low tide

Lanta Secret Beach at low tide

Lanta Secret Beach at low tide


Infrastructure area Lanta Secret Beachrepresented by a family Thai cafe on the beach that sells drinks. Nothing more, at the time of my arrival, was not. In case you forgot to buy ceramic pots or building materials, there is a construction market just beyond the main road from leaving the beach.

To the left of the market, meters in a hundred, is a motor service andproduction of lattice gates and fences. There, but a little further, there is a mosque. In general, as you can see, the infrastructure at Secret Beach on Lanta is sparse. Everything you need you will find on the nearby beach of Klong Khong - there is already a choice richer and more practical.

Houses and hotels on the beach

Directly on the beach, in the first line of SecretBeach there are no buildings. Keep this in mind if you stumble upon a hotel marker in some of the booking services, such as - this is a mistake, there are no hotels and bungalows yet. The nearest offers to the beach are 300 meters from the turn on a direct primer: Baan Sansasin

on the left (if you look at the sea), and Chaw Ka Cher Tropicana Lanta Resort

- on right.

Speaking for myself, I see no reason why I would want to stay here longer than one day. Come, entertain yourself - yes. Sitting for two weeks is all the time - no.

Hotels on Lanta>

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How to find the beach

Some bright landmarks for the main exitI did not see the road, the place is really some kind of unobtrusive and secret. From the main road to the beach Lanta Secret Beach is a direct primer, about a hundred meters long. The primer ends with a large clearing for parking vehicles and a smooth landing of curly palm trees along the shoreline.

Admission is free, parking spaces are marked, notI wonder if someday they will make a paid entry, because in Phuket such small beaches with access through a private territory are always made paid. Well, let's hope that this beach will avoid this fate for now.

Beach map

Beach Map Lanta Secret Beach

Lanta Secret Beach beach map:

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