Simple life hacking - how to save money on purchases

Once in one of the comments I mentionedthis way of saving and thoughtful expenses. It seemed to me quite interesting, especially because of its simplicity, so I decided to post it in a separate short post. And this life hack consists in setting a time limit between the occurrence of desire and its realization. And it's all. Do you want to save money? Just wait! This is enough to stop making unnecessary purchases in most cases because of short-term desires. Especially even do not need to do anything, rather you need to "do not."

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Simple life hack

I would divide this method, or in another way life hacking, into two parts:

  • Making shopping lists with a time delay in implementation.
  • Refuse impulse purchases in the shopping process.

What other ways of saving are used in our family, we have already written in the article - How to live economically or a list of our life hacking. Let me remind you, saving is not a goal, but a side effect. The goal is freedom!

How to save money on purchases? Make a list and wait :)

How to save money on purchases? Make a list and wait :)


The lists themselves are quite convenient.small savings and structuring of expenses. Someone makes lists of products, so as not to forget to buy anything in the supermarket, someone writes lists of various Wishlocks and so on. And in fact, already at this stage, when you expend your energy on the compilation of one or another list, you cut off the unnecessary. I also noticed that it would be nice to still do a time delay, so to speak, to understand the need for purchase. Of course, this is more applicable for equipment and clothes, and not for products.

I remember I had a special notebook where Iwrote down all my Wishlist, and put the delay around 2-3 months. This time was quite enough to decide exactly whether this or that thing is needed or not. Usually 30-50% of things fell away or replaced by others. This meant that I wanted something just like that, for the sake of possession, but in reality it was not necessary. Not sure, however, that this option can help everyone save, because if the task is to surround yourself with things to the maximum, then these lists can always write :)

Now I do not keep lists, but sometimes I simply bring the planned purchase to our family budget. I do this not often, because practically nothing is needed anymore.

Waiver of impulse purchases

In my experience, the most unnecessary is bought.directly in the store under the influence of the pulse. Have you ever wondered why there were large supermarkets without counters, why goods are arranged in a certain order and why are the packages so colorful? Manufacturers by all means try to hook your eyes and provoke an impulse purchase. Even in the pharmacy, the drugs look like they want to buy them. :) So the situation, went to the store for bread, and bought another bunch of “snacks”, quite trivial now.

I also noticed on the example of my friends thatmany succumb to the physical desires of the body. For example, if you be in the very center of Moscow and suddenly you want to drink, you will have to buy a bottle of water for 50 rubles. But if at the same time I know that in half an hour I will be far away from the center, then I can calmly wait this time and buy water at an adequate price. A trifle, of course, but in fact, always all the savings only from trivialities add up. I remember that Thailand was also often asked about where we find everything so cheap and why spending is so low. And there was no secret, you just need to search a little or wait, that is, spend a little time.

Someone will consider such time delays.restriction, but personally it does not bother me at all, but rather makes it freer. Because money and labor and time spent stand behind the money, and in my head this automatic connection always emerges at such moments. You can also say that time is more expensive and you can earn a lot more, but I personally find it easier to save than constantly earning something, I'd rather do something nice. In addition, it does not always make sense to be led by your body and your weaknesses. Considering how often and a lot of words are spoken about what should I use, what should I wear and so on. It is very easy to get confused and attach too much importance to shopping in your life.

P.S. Now I do not make lists and do not control anything. Whether I already have everything for a long time, or now only the necessary purchases are being made. The rule of “thinning all things once a year” almost lost relevance :)

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