Mini-hotels: urban and suburban.

Mini-hotels are becoming completely independentsegment in the hotel business. More recently, they were few. Today, their development has reached a new level. More and more hotels appear in St. Petersburg. Most often it is a private enterprise. Small chains of mini-hotels appeared in our city. Particularly popular country hotels.

These are cozy small buildings, with fewroom stock. They are often located in the picturesque environmentally friendly places of the Leningrad region. Close to the city, with convenient communication, hotels have earned a permanent clientele and a good reputation. The location of such hotels makes it possible to use the major highways of St. Petersburg and enjoy the fresh air in the green zone. Mini-hotel near the entrance to the city - a combination of urban infrastructure and country rest.

In some mini-hotels the number of roomscalculated in the tens - 15, 20 rooms. In the center of the mini-hotels are located in the old fund, with all the disadvantages of this type of building. Country mini-hotels, as a rule, are located in new houses, specially built as a mini-hotel. Here everything was done to make guests feel like in their country house.

Compared with large hotels, mini-hotels have their undeniable advantages:
* Prices are much lower and more affordable. And the composition of services sometimes does not differ from the package of large hotels.
* Convenient location. Proximity to the city, good road junction, developed infrastructure.
* Increased attention to each client (in a good sense of the word). A small number of rooms allows you to satisfy all customers on time and with proper quality.
* Almost homely atmosphere. Nowhere else is it found.

The mini-hotel has a quiet homely atmosphere. In a large hotel this simply can not be. They have a completely different atmosphere: vanity, pathos, excesses. Comfortable rooms of the mini-hotel allow guests to enjoy the tranquility and comfort. The staff manages to serve all the guests at the highest level. Neither whose requests and wishes will not be ignored. Service is always high quality and timely.

Many guests of the city of St. Petersburg have alreadygave their preference to mini-hotels. In the short time that they work in the market, they managed to acquire their regular customers. In many ways, this contributes to thoughtful service. Rest and comfort consist of trifles. Mini-hotels in Petersburg recommend to their loved ones. And this is the best indicator.

Developed infrastructure allows visitorshotel to combine country rest, for example, with sports. Tennis courts, wellness complex with swimming pool and sauna. Inside many hotels there is a spacious hall for celebrations. Here you can hold your own wedding, birthday. The hotel has its own parking, where you can find a sightseeing bus. The whole area is carefully guarded, there is video surveillance.

Country hotels in the outskirts of St. Petersburg will beThe best choice for couples with children. You can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city even on weekends. Room can be booked in advance, and you will have fresh air, green forest and the usual comfort. But did not even have to go far from home.

Mini-hotels of the city are also in demand. Most of all, they are suitable for those tourists who came just for the sights. They have little time and a great desire to see as many monuments and beauties of the city as possible. But tired of the excursions, guests who came to St. Petersburg for a long time, are increasingly choosing country hotels. In nature, relax and body and soul. A mini-hotel with a cozy atmosphere will allow its guests to be at home.

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