Rest on the lake Sebezh

In the summer in Moscow is especially difficult -stuffiness, smog, heat. Therefore, at the weekend or on vacation, I want to get somewhere far away from this bustle, hot concrete and exhaust gases, closer to nature, water and the forest. The easiest option is to go to any lake, because it is very far to go to the sea, and it only makes sense for a long time. In addition, on the Black Sea coast such a large number of tourists from all over the country, that lovers of a relaxing holiday is unlikely to enjoy it. Where better to be in some quiet place.

One of these places is Lake Sebezh inPskov region, near the border with Belarus. 600 km of course is also not a passing beam, but if Seliger is fed up with Valiger or Valdai, then it's time to go to Sebezh, considering that he is not so much further than the more popular lakes. And from St. Petersburg in general only 450 km to get there.

What can you do on the lake? Yes, in fact, this question does not even stand in front of those who live in large cities. As a rule, you just want to relax and do nothing. However, for those who prefer active rest, there will be classes here. It is about hunting, fishing, hiking and hiking, water sports. In terms of housing, you also will not experience any inconvenience. At your service guest house Kaponovo, in which any person will feel at home. The house has several bedrooms and is perfect for a family holiday or a holiday with children. And in the case of savage rest, you can stay in a tent camp, or just in a tent somewhere on the shore or in the forest.

Next to the lake Sebezh is Sebezhskynational park, one of the few places of ecological tourism. Pure drainless lakes, virgin nature, unique lake and forest landscapes. Some of the plants of the park are listed in the Red Book. Where else can you feel alone with nature, if not in a conservation area? And lovers of historical sights will be able to walk along interesting routes, see the traces of ancient cultures and archaeological monuments.

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