Stone Forest in China

Strange name is it not? The forest, and even stone. In fact, we are talking about a national park in the Chinese province of Yunnan, 120 km from Kunming, and not some ordinary forest. In this park there are stone remnants of limestone. These geological formations have formed over millions of years. At first there was the sea, but it suddenly went away, leaving behind itself bizarre rocks, over which water and wind worked for a long time. And now this monument can be safely attributed to one of the wonders of the world. What just does not come up with nature.

This is not often found on the planet. For example, one of the places is located in Cappadocia - in the national park of Turkey. The principle of the formation of boulders is similar to what happened in China. The reference book “It is strange” just tells about such places. Many tourists are attracted by these unusual and mysterious rocks. And this is not surprising, since not having been there, it is very difficult to imagine what it really is. Photos are just not able to convey all the impressions.
Stone Forest in China consists of a main, smalland Naigu and occupies an area of ​​about 350 sq. km. There are also underground karst caves. One of them is called "Mysterious Wind Cave". An underground river flows in it, from which a whirlwind breaks out every half hour. This phenomenon can be observed only in the fall. Of course, there is here and the 88-meter Dade Falls, gaining its main power in the rainy season.

Walking through the park you can meet variousfanciful shapes resembling people or animals. Stone gardens, ponds and paths create a pleasant atmosphere of well-groomed and safe. Entangled labyrinths create an amazing landscape, and here it is easy to get lost, which is good for those who like to walk alone. In any case, soon enough, after passing through several ethnic villages, you will again fall into civilization.

There are many legends associated with the stone forest. One of them tells about the hero who wanted to build a dam of stones for his people. Having stolen the magic tools of a certain saint, he went to construction at night, but did not have time. With the sunrise, the tools disappeared, and the stones were left in disarray. Another legend says that this place was made by gods for the privacy of loving couples, of which there are now quite a few.

The entrance to this unusual place is 5 yuans,some additional parts of the park are charged separately. As soon as you enter, you immediately get to the beautiful lake. If you walk along the eastern shore, you can see stone turrets and a little bit more like a lion, next to which there is a pond with the same name.

In the summer, various festivals, celebrations, dances, and ritual events are held in Kamenny Forest, where tourists can come, which they gladly do, because you will not see this every day.

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