Technical Museum of Liberec - old cars and locomotives

Before you go inspect thislandmark, you should know one simple thing about the museum of technology in Liberec - it is new. That is, he is not yet five years old (I write in 2018), and he is in a state of permanent upgrade. That is why some of the old things still look as if they were found two hours ago. The exhibits continue to enter the museum, they are restored and put up for inspection, or put up and then, in the course of the play, restored.

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Technology Museum in Liberec

Museum exhibits include samples.technical achievements and development of technology in various sectors of the Czech economy. And this is the range from machines for gluing film and milling machines, to steam locomotives and trams. All collections of small or especially valuable items are exhibited inside three pavilions, and all large-sized items are left in the open air. There are really many exhibits and there is something to see.

But for obvious reasons, the focuspublics take away the collection of retro cars and retro motorcycles in Pavilion "A". In addition to technology in this pavilion exhibited old bicycles and an amazing collection of miniature cars. Children stuck here for a long time and seriously. Pavilion “B” will be boring even for adults. There are weaving machines, as well as samples of aircraft that were produced for Israel.

Pavilion "D" - the newest of all. He will delight connoisseurs of luxury retro car brands Rolls-Royce and Cadillac. There are exhibited samples of these manufacturers. A whole bunch of cars made at different times, allowing you to trace changes in the design and stuffing luxury cars.

Technical Museum Liberec

Technical Museum Liberec

Historical reference

Technical Museum Liberec is privateinstitution, which opened in September 2014 (pavilion "A"). In 2017, the exposure for the second pavilion - “B” was accumulated. In April 2018 - Pavilion "D" and its luxurious Rolls-Royces. Why I missed the letter “C” I did not understand, but I did not find the answer on the official website of the museum.

Information to visit

Daily from 10:00 to 17:00 hours.

Entrance fee: adult - 100 kroons, children 50 kroons, pensioners (60+) - 50 kroons.

The museum is located near the Liberec Zoo and Botanical garden, so that all three objects can be easily combined into a one-day sightseeing tour.

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Museum of Technology in Lyubertsy

Museum of Technology in Lyubertsy
Very interesting collection of motorcycles and cars.
More about the museum.

Very interesting collection of motorcycles and cars. More about the museum.

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