Temple of the Reclining Buddha in Phuket - Wat Sri Sunthon

Wat Sri Sunton is located in the center of the island onthe lively highway Teprasatri, in connection with which it constantly remains away from the eyes of tourists passing by, and the bags with the sightseeing bags are not brought here (halleluja!) On the one hand, this invisibility of the temple deprives him of deserved attention, but on the other - there will never be many people here. A Buddhist temple, few people, a neat and well-groomed territory is a great mix that allows you to relax, finally lower your camera and listen to the silence. In my opinion, Sri Sunton is a temple where you can go back or be sure to taxi to the bus stop if he was on the way.

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Wat sri sunthon

The temple was built at the end of the 17th century, and untilrenaming it in honor of one of the heroine sisters (very famous characters in the history of Phuket) Wat Si Sunton was called Wat Lipon. The territory of the temple is very small, but from this she only gained more charm. Equal rows of casuarin are planted along the fence, the greenery in the courtyard is clearly under the supervision of a gardener, plus everywhere the ponds and corners of Thai sculpture are broken - unique and sometimes comical art. No matter how it sounded, sculptors from local “masters” didn’t. If in the evening you suddenly see their cement bunny peeking out from behind a fence, then you can get a massive heart attack.

The principle of building a temple areaStandard in everything except one - in Wat Sri Suntone is the largest statue of the reclining Buddha in Phuket. Or rather, the longest. In addition to it, there is still a lot of Buddha images smaller, but actually, apart from the statue and the historical renaming, the temple no longer has any chips. Inside you can drive right in by car or motorbike, to inspect the entire temple will take no more than a quarter of an hour, but the atmosphere here is such that you do not want to hurry anywhere. Be careful with dogs - they do not always respond adequately to visitors.

Wat Sri Sunthon in Phuket

Wat Sri Sunthon in Phuket

Information to visit

Entrance and parking on the territory of Wat Si Sunton are free. Mandatory dress code "closed shoulders and knees." Entrance is possible from dawn to dusk.

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Temple of the Reclining Buddha

Temple of the Reclining Buddha
Buddhist temple Wat Sri Sunthon, a distinctive feature of which is the Reclining Buddha. Nice atmosphere, no people. I recommend to call.
More about the temple.

Wat Sri Sunthon in Phuket

Buddhist temple Wat Sri Sunthon, a distinctive feature of which is the Reclining Buddha. Nice atmosphere, no people. I recommend to go.More details about the temple.

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