Thailand - relax or why pay more?

Last time I ask myself questions: Does Thailand relax a person on his cultivation path? Or not, and there is no need to live in Russia, when much in Thailand is easier, better and cheaper? It would be interesting to listen to different opinions on this matter, both from those living (spending the winter) in Thailand or another country, and from those who live in Russia.

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Thailand relaxes

Thailand relaxes

Thailand relaxes

All the time while I was wintering in Tae, I had a feeling of lightness and simplicity, which I almost never had in Russia. I already wrote about this in the article Why do we spend the winter in Thailand, and now partially repeat. We are talking about urgent matters and related to human life. What is needed in order to feel comfortable and do your favorite things and work? - Lodging, food, clothing, transportation. These 4 things make almost 99% of convenience in life. And in Thailand, everything is very simple with them. Not only is it cheap, it’s also not necessary to waste your time looking for something, or to find intermediaries to resolve issues. Literally a couple of days for the arrangement, and everything, further along the thumb.

The result is that you relax, as it were, andyou stop developing, because everything is easy, nothing needs to be done, everything is already so good. I met people who simply “live” in Tae all day long. For example, rent an apartment in Moscow, and they do not need to worry about anything. Personally, I could not, I would be bored. But the fact that the performance is reduced and I want to relax is.

Moscow strains

Moscow strains

Moscow strains

Upon arrival in Russia, a lot of things came over, fromWhat I lost so much for six months. I have to constantly spend my time: to rent an apartment you need from a week to a month or more, or an intermediary; the bike needs rights that are hard to get; the food is terrible and you have to look for it, while there are no fruits and you won't go to a cafe every day; clothes for 4 seasons and cold. This is not a complete list. Thus, I have to give up part of my life to completely unnecessary and uninteresting things, instead of devoting them to my work and hobby.

But! You want to live, know how to spin. Therefore you have to invent something, more efficiently allocate time, count, analyze, try. And it seems as a result of the development ...

Why pay more?

Hence the question arises whether it makes sense to paymore (money and time) when there are countries where everything is easy and simple? Or if you go there, then you will relax so much that you can only live there?

Most likely everyone will have the answer to this question.his own, since a person can be at different stages of his development and this mouse scuffling about survival in Russia is simply not needed. However, opinions would love to hear.

P.S. Of course, Thailand is not a paradise, and there are some difficulties there, I understand that perfectly, and in this case it is not about that at all.

P.P.S. Those who earn a decent amount will probably find it difficult to understand the term “survival in Moscow”, since you can greatly simplify your life by solving many issues with money. Although such things as traffic jams, the lack of quality food, terrible ecology and so on, it’s not a fact that it’s possible to decide.

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