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If suddenly someone else is not up to date from bloggers andwebsite owners, Travelpayouts have again launched an Airbnb affiliate program! Exclusive! I have been waiting for this moment since summer, since I worked with this offer and it showed quite good results. So for me this news is very good! I recommend to register (for example, on my link) and try to make money on it. I will tell you something in this post, both about Airbnb (they limited bonuses to everyone) and about my earnings.

The content of the article

Offer Conditions

Since April 28, 2016, Airbnb has stoppedcooperation with Travelpayouts and closed the affiliate program, having worked a total of no more than a few months. Thus, Airbnb threw webmasters and bloggers for the 2nd time.

Register at Travelpayouts

  • 40% of the Airbnb booking fee (!)
  • Cookie lifetime is 30 days
  • Contextual advertising on Google and Yandex is completely prohibited.
  • Direct links to Airbnb domains are prohibited.
  • Hard limitation on GEO users - RU, UA, CZ, BY
  • Premoderation partners included

Note that 40% is more thanthey pay Airbnb directly to their regular partners; they get only 30% of the Airbnb booking fee. That is, it is more profitable to work through Travelpayouts than directly. But this applies only to those who have old accounts, where the affiliate is still working.

I already wrote about this offerbut something has changed. As you can see, some moments have become more rigid, but this is not due to Travelpayouts, but to the fact that Airbnb has some kind of strange policy towards partners. It seems like there is still a partnership, but they’re all wrong, and they’re all wrong. It seems that they want advertising, but not to pay for it. First, Airbnb covered the partnership in 2012 (and it would be possible to close old accounts), making available the connection of only very large sites with high traffic, then they started to ban regular accounts and check how well the bonuses were received (I wrote about it). A couple of months ago, so they generally put a limit on bonuses, but more on that below.

Bonus limit

From about August-September 2015, Airbnb did$ 5000 bonus limit for one account. Anyone who has not earned so many bonuses, it is not affected. I was cut pretty well, I just zeroed the amount "for consideration." It is good that at least the old bonuses did not take away (those that have already been accrued). So they made their zeroing assholes quietly. People continued to register with me, the amount grew, and then they reset it once. That is about half a year I was distributing bonuses just like that. Well, if they had somehow warned about this, they wouldn’t even be going to. After the correspondence with the support, they bothered to tell me about it.

There is only one way out - to distribute bonuses from differentaccounts, wife, brother, parents. It is better not to make accounts for one person, although if the full name is written in Russian and in English, then these are two different people. The main thing is that the registration address does not match the data of bank cards. Although I would not risk it either.

The second way out is not to work with bonuses in general andwork through Travelpayouts affiliate program. The exhaust is better, the more you get the money, not the bonuses that you can spend purely inside the Airbnb. True, this is a little bit different traffic - one registration case, another thing people are already looking for housing and have long been registered.

How to work with Airbnb

First you need to know that everything works onlyvia a redirect (deep links), that is, links should be taken only in the Travelpayouts office (previously you could make a link to the Airbnb domain by adding a certain marker). But now it is possible to link to any Airbnb page using a link generator, both to a specific apartment and to search results. Travelpayouts also offers ready-made banners and forms.

Probably, you ask, how do I work? :) I make general collections for different cities, whereI am, as well as describing specific apartments where I have lived for some time. I had the latest selections in Russia, but in my opinion the foreign direction works better. By the way, this also applies to hotels. But maybe I just have not quite the traffic, since initially I was more specialized abroad. Next summer I will find out whether there will be a profit from recent posts about the Krasnodar Territory, whether it made sense at all to do it or not. Now while it turns out 10-30 thousand rubles / month.

Of course, a person who is already familiar with Airbnb, hewill search, first of all, inside the service, and read reviews there, but the percentage of those who are looking for some kind of housing just in a search engine (Yandex, Google) is also high. Someone does not know anything about Airbnb and you open your eyes to this way of living, someone knows, but is looking for additional reviews. Agree, if I describe an apartment, take photos, then such a review shows an apartment much better than an advertising description of the owner himself. The collections themselves also make sense, because there are a lot of apartments in some cities, their eyes diverge. And it's easier to take someone else's wishlist from a person to whom you have confidence, and first look at its options. I do it myself when I go somewhere. For example, I know a blogger who made a selection of apartments in Serbia, it will come in handy to me very soon. The main thing is to make selections, as for myself. My ones are exactly like that, I am looking for myself, I compose wish lists in Airbnb and then a post is written on them.

Do not forget about the popular collections, which are in the Airbnb:

In addition to them, you can search for other collections,just on the internet. But you have to understand that all the same, when you make them for yourself, for your journey, this is a bit different than just getting ready from the Internet. This is more suitable for the site, not for the blog. Alternatively, initially travel to popular destinations. It is also possible to make TOPs by country or by world.

P.S. Just in case, I remind you that now you can work with Airbnb only via Travelpayouts, no one else offers this opportunity. So you need to cross your fingers so that Airbnb will not change your mind, otherwise you never know ...

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