Announcement of the 4th meeting of LT on Samui - November 28

We are leaving in a week and a half from Samui to Bangkok, and I do not know whether we will be back this season or not. And since several people have already asked me whether there will be another meeting, they say they did not have time for the first, as well as we ourselves also didn’t have a lot of time with whom I met, I want to invite everyone to meet together in late November. The number plus or minus is not important.

I think we can meet again in cafe mickey mickey on bang po. True, the playground, which was previously on the shore, was being made somewhere, or it was washed away, or removed due to the tides, but I do not know other cafes with such pleasant surroundings and a large area.

November 28. Cafe Mickey-Mickey. 17 pm
The weather today is the 28th so-so. It is possible to transfer only to December 1st, judging by forecasts (although some say that this weather will still be a week). Next we leave already. What to do? We are in a car, we don’t care :)

I also want to go to the waterfall Hin Lad (withoutfamily), so I will be glad of the company. I hope the weather still has time to please the sun, but tonight there were such lightning and a roar that the plugs cut everything down, but we woke up and could not sleep, it’s like feeling that this laser beam is in our house :)

Two days already pouring!

Two days already pouring!

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