Ao Nang Beach - the best and most popular in Krabi

Ao Nang is one of the most popular andtourist beaches in Krabi province. This is not a beach bounty, but still the atmosphere here is relaxing. Both backpackers, and just tourists, and longsteers - everyone will find here something pleasant for themselves. Russian tourists here are less than in Phuket. Basically, Ao Nang is chosen by Europeans for retirement, retirement age or families with children. There are many Asian tourists here.

In the evenings on the beach of Ao Nang showstunning beauty sunsets. At this time, the beach just becomes very wide due to low tide, so many people can sit on the sand (everyone walks). Yes, Ao Nang beach is crowded, in the mornings, at high tide, when the strip of sand becomes rather narrow, there is no place for the apple here in the season. But on the edges of the beach is more quiet and you can always find where to stay.

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Beach description

This is one of the most popular beaches in the province.Krabi and probably the most popular resort center. The beach is one and a half kilometers long. Approximately in the middle, the highway, the main road leading to this village from the highway, runs into it perpendicularly. Then the road turns right and goes to Nopparat Tara Beach.

Along this road and the beach is a pedestrianembankment, and here are numerous cafes, restaurants, hotels, shops and other tourist infrastructure. This part of the beach is bounded by concrete, you need to go down the stairs to the sea from the embankment.

If you turn left, then you will come to a cliff, at the foot of which a small river flows into the sea. On the rocks passes the path to Centara beachwhich everyone calls the Monkey Path (MonkeyTrail). Green deciduous trees grow in that area, a lot of natural shade, in which numerous masseuses with mattresses sit. Right here, beach cafes with cocktails, where tourists gather at sunset.

Another feature is the beach in the water in rowsare longtail boats - with long noses. And they are all the time scurrying past the beach to and fro, roaring by the engines on the move. All these boats carry tourists to the islands and the nearest beaches of the type. Reillyinaccessible from sushi.

By the way, Reilly is in the TOPs and is considered one ofmost beautiful beaches in Thailand. Although I wrote that Ao Nang beach is the best, I meant that in terms of infrastructure and beauty (the rest of the beaches, in my opinion, are worse by these parameters), but in terms of beauty, Raleigh is undoubtedly in the lead.

Sunset, depth and waves

On the beach are strongly pronounced ebb, whichoften in the afternoon. At low tide, the sea goes very, very far away, a few hundred meters away, and a muddy, gray bottom is exposed. Those who see the beach at low tide consider it unprofitable.

At high tide, the beach becomes narrower, and the seadeeper and cleaner. In general, the view of the beach also depends on the time of year. Not in season, in summer, there are strong waves on the sea, and the water is dirty. In season and high tide the sea looks better.

The depth of the sea at the beach, even at high tidelarge and growing smoothly. At the end (on the left, if you look at the sea), where the Monkey Trail and the alley with a massage are located, the sea is smaller and the river-stinker flows into it. It is better not to swim in the place where this river flows into the sea.

The sand on the beach is gray and gray-yellow, rather light. Interspersed with silt and large placers of broken shells, ground by the sea.

Sun beds and shade

Sun beds on the beach Ao Nang no. As everywhere in Krabi. But the shadow is - natural, from the trees. Especially in the morning. From the left edge of the beach (if facing the sea) there are more trees growing and shade, respectively, is also larger. In the central part, the embankment hangs over the beach and trees grow along the road, and wide steps descend to the beach through equal stretches.

Beach photo

Right part

Ao Nang Beach - the best and most popular in Krabi

Ao Nang Beach - the best and most popular in Krabi

Left side

Ao Nang Beach - the best and most popular in Krabi

Ao Nang Beach - the best and most popular in Krabi

Ao Nang Beach - the best and most popular in Krabi






From the attractions of the beach you canThe name Monkey Trail is a walkway from the boardwalk, located at one end of the beach, leading along the mountain to another beach. It is remarkable that large packs of monkeys live around it.

On the way to the monkey path there is a shady alley with massage parlors and cafe-bars. The place here is quieter than in the middle of the beach and more chamber. It's nice to meet the sunset here.

On the opposite end of the path from the Monkey trail there is a concrete platform under the rock, where there are usually few people, and during sunset you can comfortably sit with a picnic and a beautiful view.

Ao Nang has a huge number of shops, cafes,restaurants for every taste. Seafood, local cuisine, European and even McDonald’s with Starbucks. There are exchangers, banks, travel agencies, dive centers, and so on, which is necessary for the tourist.

On the main road in 20 minutes there ismedium sized Tesco Lotus. And a little further away, almost on the outskirts of the city there is a Macro. However, if something is missed, you will need a large shopping center, everything is in Krabi Town, 30 minutes drive by car in total.

Houses and hotels on the beach

There are a lot of hotels in the beach area, practically onevery taste and wallet. From the simplest and cheapest guest houses to beach resorts. There are large hotels on the first line (along the edges of the beach), there are some at some distance from the sea. A large number of guesthouses are located along the main street of Ao Nang, going to the sea.

There is concentrated and the main tourist infrastructure of the resort. Just before the cape, the territory of the Krabi Resort hotel adjoins the beach.

Ao Nang Beach - the best and most popular in Krabi

. On the other side of the beach, Aonang Villa Resort is located almost on the first line.

Ao Nang Beach - the best and most popular in Krabi

and Golden Beach Resort

Ao Nang Beach - the best and most popular in Krabi


The bulk of houses for rent is exactlyin Ao Nang. But, unfortunately, there is nothing on the first-second line, as there are hotels. The nearest houses are located in the area of ​​the mosque, that is, somewhere around 15-20 minutes on foot.

Some condos are also about the samethe distance. If you do not attach to walking distance to the sea, then the choice of housing is quite large, many houses in the vicinity of Ao Nang, from where you can reach the beach in just 10 minutes by car or bike.

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How to find the beach

The beach is about 30 km from the airport.(about half an hour ride). From there, regular buses run to Ao Nang. You can also take a taxi. Details about the airport in Krabi and how to get to Ao Nang from it, read in my article - Krabi Airport.

From Krabi Town to Ao Nang go songteo, Thai bus. From the nearby islands (including Phuket, Koh Lanta and Phi Phi) to Ao Nang you can sail by boat, including there are cruise ships.

Beach map

Ao Nang Beach Map

Map of Ao Nang Beach:

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