Bang Niang Beach - the best in Khao Lake

Bang Niang Beach can be called the best of all the beaches of Khao Lak resort. Developed infrastructure is enough for most tourists, but it is not noisy.

The beach itself is wide and edged with palm trees andCasuarin trees, beach cafes, deck chairs and umbrellas can be found all along its length, many hotels go directly to the shore. This beach seemed to me a reasonable balance between civilization and the number of people.

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Beach description

I liked the area of ​​Bang Niang the most. Some kind of he is cute, calm and tidy. There are a lot of hotels and nicely decorated cafes. That is the impression created.

From the highway to Peccas, which runs along the coast,perpendicularly there is a street about a kilometer long - Bang Niang Beach Road. Goes from the road and straight to the shore. The main infrastructure of this resort town is concentrated along it and on adjacent lanes. The same street divides the beach itself into two conventional parts: the north and south.

From where Bang Niang Road goes tothe sea, and further north (to the right), there are stone mounds and concrete walls that strengthen the coast (there is a photo), alternating with strips of the beach. The walls form terraces, on which are located access to the sea hotels on the beach and cafes. At high tide in the area of ​​these hotels, the sea comes close to the shore and will not work on the water.

In the northernmost part of Bang Niang concreteends and gives way to palm trees. This is the end of Soi 1, a street that is parallel to the sea. The place is quite secluded, there is little infrastructure, desolation, there is garbage. There are few swimmers in the sea, but many are walking. A favorite activity of vacationers at low tide is to walk along the beach past hotels, from south to north and back.

There are newly built bungalow housestype right on the beach, palm grove grows, there are sun beds with umbrellas for rent and massage in the shade under straw canopies. The northern part of the Bang Niang beach ends in a river, beyond which is even more northern and deserted. beach Khuk Khak.

The southern part of the beach, to the left of Bang Niang Road(photo near the pontoon bridge), I liked the most. Here the sand is yellow and fine, without stones and seashells, the beach strip is very wide, and it is not a problem to swim even at low tide. A little to the south there are big black boulders in the water and then a river, beyond which it begins Nang Thon Beachyear

Sunset, depth and waves

In the northern part of the beach at low tide finely andpretty dirty. In the southern part of the beach is wide, and at low tide the strip of sand becomes even wider, the sea is shallow near the coast, but after passing through the water a little further away you can swim. The shore goes into the water at a noticeable angle, so that at high tide the depth increases rapidly. Big waves happen in this area in the summer season.

The most comfortable part of the beach is located in the area where the Ramada Khao Lak Resort is located.

Bang Niang Beach - the best in Khao Lake

. Further south of the beach, a line of black boulders goes to the sea. However, they do not interfere with swimming and walking along the beach.

Sun beds and shade

In the northern part of the beach, behind hotels near stone mounds, more palm trees and broad-leaved trees grow. There are also sun beds and umbrellas for rent, houses for massage therapists in the shade.

In the southern part near the pontoon bridge and hotelsthere are also sun beds with umbrellas for rent, and palm trees and casuarin trees grow, which in the morning give shade, as the sun rises in the morning just behind them. By noon, the shadows almost disappear, and closer to sunset, the sun shines from the sea and there is no natural shadow on the beach.

Beach photo

Northern part











southern part









Shops and attractions

There are several temples in the area of ​​the beach. Tsunami Museumas well as transvestite shows and various nice cafes on the beach and in the depths.

Around the main street of the Bang Niang district is a lotdifferent cafes and there are shops. In general, the resort infrastructure in Bang Niang is quite developed. On the highway there is a market and 7/11. The market is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, approximately from lunch until dusk.

Bang Niang Road

Bang Niang Road

The track opposite Bang Niang

The track opposite Bang Niang

Houses and hotels on the beach

Most small hotels in Bang Niang areaThey are located not along the sea, but on the streets parallel to it, located along the main street of Bang Niang Beach Road, which runs from Pechkasem highway to the sea. Cheaper housing can be found on the highway, I lived there in 813 Hostel (although it is a hotel).

But then moved to a quiet place in cheap bungalows. The garden 10 minutes walk from the sea. Actual housing prices are better to look at a search engine, they depend on the season.

I would advise you to stay around the middle of Bang Niang Road, just outside The Garden Hotel

Bang Niang Beach - the best in Khao Lake

, there is the cluster of all the cafes and hotels for every taste, and the sea is close by and to the highway / market / 7-11 not far.

But if you do not want to go to the sea, then settle in the Ramada Khao Lak Resort

Bang Niang Beach - the best in Khao Lake

and Mukdara Beach Villa & Spa Resort

Bang Niang Beach - the best in Khao Lake

, or near them on the first-second line from the beach.

In the northern part of the beach along Soi 1 is enoughhotels on the first line, but I would not stay too far from Bang Niang Road, otherwise I will have to walk a lot. Hotels on the front line and with good territory: Chongfah Resort Khao Lak

Bang Niang Beach - the best in Khao Lake

Casa de la Flora

Bang Niang Beach - the best in Khao Lake

and basically The Nest Box Khaolak Resort

Bang Niang Beach - the best in Khao Lake


Hotels in Khao Lak>

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How to find the beach

You can drive to the beach along the main road BangNiang Road from the Pechkasem highway, without turning anywhere. Then you will get to that part of the beach where there are concrete reinforcing walls. Then you can turn right on Soi 1 and, moving along it, go to the beach through any cafe, resort, or alley.

Or you can turn off from Bang Niang Road to one of the parallel side streets just behind the hotel. Rabeang Guest Houseand get to the beach south of the main street, where there is no concrete.

Beach map

Bang Niang Beach

Bang Niang Beach
The best beach in Khao Lak in my opinion. There is enough infrastructure, but there are still few people. The point is approximately in the middle of the beach, on the right hand (facing the sea) concrete fences begin, and you need to go away a few hundred meters. On the left is a great beach.
More about the beach.

Bang Niang Beach - the best in Khao Lake

The best beach in Khao Lak in my opinion. There is enough infrastructure, but there are still few people. The point is approximately in the middle of the beach, on the right hand (facing the sea) concrete fences begin, and you need to go away a few hundred meters. On the left there is a great beach with cutable. More about the beach.

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