Samrong Bay Beach - closed beach with shallow sea

Samrong Bay is a cove on the verythe northern outskirts of Koh Samui, on the shore of which Samrong Beach is located. The length of the beach is about 230 meters from the cliff to the cliff, between which it is enclosed. The width of the beach is the same throughout its length - about 20 m of the sandy strip.

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Beach description

The sand on Samrong is fine, mixed with large gold, and in its consistency is very similar to sand. Lipa Noi beach. The section of the beach along the surf is pressedwaves to the status of a marble slab, but on dry, coarse sand just so it will not work. The bottom is muddy, with corals and come across large boulders. Closer to the northern edge of the water becomes more coral and stone obstacles.

The beach is run by The Bay Samui

Samrong Bay Beach - closed beach with shallow sea

. Therefore, Samrong is maintained in perfectclean and tidy, garbage is collected in a timely manner, and sand is smoothed. Due to the remoteness and closeness of Samrong, few people are on the beach at any time of the year. Sometimes tourists come who do not hesitate to enter the territory of an expensive resort with a request to show them the beach, but such units.

In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a short overview of all the beaches of Samui, will help you decide on the choice of the beach.

Sunset, depth and waves

With the ebb of the sea goes to 5-7 meters, slightly affecting the change in appearance and water quality of the beach. The depth here is the same as on Lipa Noah - to go into the water on the chest, you need to wander along the coral bottom about 50 meters. Waves happen in strong winds, but during the rainy season they are especially angry here.

Sun beds and shade

There are almost no sources of natural shade on the beach. The main shelter will be beach umbrellas, which stand along the sun loungers, but there is no rent of sun beds. And if you bring your personal umbrella, then most likely you will not be able to stick it in the dense sand of the beach.

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The beach has kayaks and jet skis for of outdoor activities stretched volleyball net. It is necessary to drive half a kilometer to the nearest tai-shop Here and there, near the shop, there is a water-mat. The nearest convenience store “711” will have to travel almost a kilometer, to the intersection with the road 4171.

On the way to the ring road often come acrosseyes laundry, water mats and Thai cafes. Distance to large supermarkets is about 9-10 km, which is twenty minutes by car, if without traffic jams and slowly.

The nearest places of interest for those living in the Samhong area are ten minutes from the beach: temple Pla Laem Sor (Plai Laem Sor) and Big Buddha.

Five kilometers from Samrong is the airport.Koh Samui. Aircraft on the beach itself is not audible, no discomfort from such a neighborhood is not felt. But the cost of a taxi to the airport is the most pleasant on the island.





Houses and hotels on the beach

On the beach are the buildings of the hotel The Bay Samui

Samrong Bay Beach - closed beach with shallow sea

, on the cliffs of the northern edge of Samronga located bungalows Idyllic Samui Resort

Samrong Bay Beach - closed beach with shallow sea

and even further behind him - Six Senses Samui

Samrong Bay Beach - closed beach with shallow sea


The southern edge of the beach is in a state of construction. At a distance of two kilometers from The Bay Samui

Samrong Bay Beach - closed beach with shallow sea

there are several private resorts and Samui Emerald condominiums

Samrong Bay Beach - closed beach with shallow sea

. At the moment, there is more jungle in this area than buildings. On the right, in the mountains, work is underway to build a road, along which, in a short time, the development of the territory will begin.

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How to find the beach

You need to get to the arch, which is locatedover the road leading to the big buddha. Near this arch, the road turns to the right, and after 500 meters in the direction of travel will be the Family Market. Turn left after him and do not stop at the big wooden stella with the name of the hotel Melati.

Things will lead you to Thongsonbay Bungalow. Before entering the beach there is a small free parking with a shadow, for about 3-4 parking spaces.



Beach map

Sam Rong beach map (Sam Rong)

Sam Rong beach map:

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