Ao Hin Kong Beach - The Perfect Shadow on a Perfect Beach

Ao Hin Kong is located on the western bank of Phangan in the spacious bay between Cape Sitan (behind which Shritan beach begins and Cape Hin Nok. Almost the entire coastline between capes belongs specifically to Ao Hin Kong, and only a small portion of it on the right is the territory of Ao Vok Tum beach.

I would not call either Hin Kong or Wok Tum a beach. This beach is not for a beach holiday, but rather some kind of technical beach, which is used by fishermen, sightseeing offices and small companies for passenger traffic. The place looks good in the pictures, especially in sunny weather, but the mud, shallow water, unwelcome bottom and zero infrastructure put Ao Hin Kong at the end of the list of beaches in Phangan.

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Beach description

Almost throughout its length (and this is about 2.5 km), Ao Hin Kong is not removed more than 20 meters from the Hin Kong Road of the same name that runs along it. From Breeze Bay Villa

in the south to Lipstick Cabana Beachfront Resort

in the north, the beach is a very narrow, on average about five meters, strip of coarse, yellow sand.

There are lots of rocky areas on the beach.heaps, mangroves and artificial structures that block the walk on the beach at the peak of the tide, because Ao Hin Kong almost all goes under water, leaving you to enjoy swinging on a swing just above the waves.

As for Ao Wok Tuma (Ao Wok Tum),The description of this beach will fit in one paragraph. In fact, this is just the coastline along Cape Hin Nok, where sometimes bald spots with sand are opened between the stones. More or less spacious areas are occupied by local fishermen for their needs, and in other places you can sometimes find mussel collectors.

Places too open to be lovednudists, so Wok Tum is just a designation of the shore opposite the village of the same name. It is unlikely that you would like to come here for swimming or seeding, even I was here by accident, simply because on the map this beach is designated as ... as a beach. I took a couple of pictures that brighter than words will make you understand how uninteresting there is.

Sunset, depth and waves

Ao Hin Kong is shallow water erected inthe highest degree. I do not have such pictures, but you can easily google photos in a network where people stand knee-deep in water at a distance of about a kilometer from the coast. If at high tide you still smile splash into the sea at a depth of about a meter, then with a shimmer it runs off to 700-1100 meters, leaving behind a wet bottom with pools of water.

Sunset at sea is very gentle, almost imperceptible,even without large stones and corals. I myself did not dare to check the marketability, but I walked along the shore and noted to myself that the bottom of Ao Hin Kong was just covered with fragments of coral the size of a horse's head.

Sun beds and shade

Hin Kong is one of the rare beaches on Phanganwhere the crowns of palm trees hang right above the water. Perfect shadow on the far from perfect beach. The vegetation along the coast from the center and in the direction of Shritan is really thick, but can be interrupted where the cleaning of the building plot begins. From the center of the beach in the direction of Tong Sala, the vegetation becomes thin and sometimes disappears.

Sun beds are not available as a class,but often come across nearby resorts. In principle, for these two parameters of it, Ao Hin Kong can be safely considered as a great place for sunbathing with a beautiful view of the sea.

Beach photo

Ao Hin Kong

Low tide is just beginning, the beach - in principle, no

Low tide is just beginning, the beach - in principle, no

Where to put the lounger here?

Where to put the lounger here?

View to the left, at Cape Hin Nok

View to the left, at Cape Hin Nok

Ao Hin Kong is not an ideal beach

Ao Hin Kong is not an ideal beach

See, the waves reach the grass itself. Blurs the shore quietly

See, the waves reach the grass itself. Blurs the shore quietly

Quite dense vegetation, a lot of shade. Just lie down nowhere.

Quite dense vegetation, a lot of shade. Just lie down nowhere.

Ao Wok Tum

Ao Wok Tum. Look right and be terrified.

Ao Wok Tum. Look right and be terrified.

Ao Wok Tum. Look left and don't come here anymore.

Ao Wok Tum. Look left and don't come here anymore.


Ao Hin Kong can not boast of wealthcafeterias, neither banks, nor large stores. Of the large here, except the marina and wakeboard park. The entire infrastructure of the beach is bottle gas stations, a tie-cafe and bike rentals. I came across a gas station-benzomat, there are several laundries, bars and massages.

Basically - building residential premises andvacant lots, a lot of free space. The infrastructure is presented more seriously on the right edge of Ao Hin Kong, where there are very good restaurants on the shore, good houses and a 7-Eleven mini-market.

Of the attractions in this area is the oldest temple of the island, and the whole province: Wat phu khao noi.

Houses and hotels on the beach

In places where the main road is away fromseas - built resorts. Close to the sea, at Hin Kong, there is a lot of cheap (both at prices and performance) housing. On booking services you can find about 20 resorts and guesthouses, and come across with quite serious price tags.

Bungalow easier you will find in the center and on the leftthe edge of the beach, and on the right side of the house is already more solid and focused on the solvent tourist. If you suddenly decide to stay here for a while, then start housing selection from these resorts: Castaway Beach Bungalows

and The Ford SunSet Beach Resort


Hotels at Hin Kong>

Be sure (and I insist) check availabilitydiscounts or special offers on the excellent Roomguru service. It will quickly and simply show you discounts in all existing reservation systems. In Asia, for example, there are lots of offers on that are much more interesting than on exactly the same hotels on

For the lazy, here are the direct links to the hotels listed above:

How to find the beach

The beach will find you yourself. Moving along the road along the coast from Tong Sala, shortly after driving through the Amsterdam bar, you will reach the road that runs along the sea. This is the beginning of Ao Hin Kong beach, and congress to find it is not a problem at all. I stopped at the parking lot across from Ananda Yoga.

This is Hin Kong Road.

This is Hin Kong Road.

Beach map

Ao Hin Kong beach map

Ao Hin Kong beach map:

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