Ao Hin Ngam Beach - Broken Bone Coast

If I followed the rule of "length of descriptionbeach is equal to the length of the beach ", then the whole post would fit into the word" Ao ". Seriously, even the definition of “beach” is not entirely appropriate here, because I would call it just a beautiful place for selfie, or, at most, for snorkeling. There is no sand here, even conditional, even large, even with garbage.

The shore consists of nudes of different size (insense - from stones, and not from nudists), to pass on which without stumbling is very difficult. And it is quite possible to break your legs and ribs on green stones under water - very slippery from the mud.

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Beach description

I recommend keeping Ao Hin Ngam in mindpleasant stopover when traveling between real beaches. The bay is located at the bottom of a decent cliff, to which a capitally constructed concrete staircase with railings descends. The bike can be left on the microscopic parking at the beginning of the stairs, descend and sit in solitude for a while.

It would be better if you take a bag withThai snacks, so time will be more interesting and useful. The sea view here is oriented to the northeast, but due to the peculiar geography in this part of Phangan, you will not be able to see the sunrise or sunset.

Entry into the water only by stones and only by fourlimbs, and try to go into a floating state as soon as possible, the depth will be 15-20 meters at high tide. Then the bottom goes sharply down and you will have the opportunity to snark more or less tolerable for local waters. Waves are present, on windy days it is better to come purely for contemplation, swimming is dangerous.

Beach photo

Ao Hin Ngam beach, parking at the stairs

Ao Hin Ngam beach, parking at the stairs


A good concrete road runs right up to the bay.there is a normal parking place. A parking lot has been built near the parking lot, in which you can comfortably wait out the rain or have a bite to eat. As for shops, houses and attractions, there is none of the above directly at Ao Hin Ngam itself. Not far from the stairs there is a small resort on the slopes of the mountain, it can be seen in the last shot. Prices did not recognize, called Baan Moonsiri @Hin Ngam

. Search the beach is not necessary, on the map, I marked it with a marker.

Beach map

Ao Hin Ngam Beach Card

Ao Hin Ngam beach map:

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