Ao Nam Mao Beach beach - not for swimming, but for contemplation

Ao Nam Mao beach is located near Ao Nanga, between the Peninsula Railay and Krabi Town, innear the small bay of Ao Nam Mao Bay. And although there are many not only picturesque places in Krabi province, but also places very popular with tourists, Ao Nammao is more the exception.

This is not the most impressive beach, but for loversabsolutely deserted places it may be interesting. Civilization and infrastructure in this area are concentrated along the main road, in fact, this is a village and there is almost no entertainment here.

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Beach description

But housing can be found here, there are resorts andbungalow hotels with a large green area, villas for rent. The beach itself is not very bathable - at high tide there is a very narrow strip in many places, and at low tide the sea goes very far, exposing stones with sharp shells and garbage.

So the biggest advantage of the beach is that walking through it, you can not meet a single soul in a few hours.

The beach is about 4 kilometers long; Railay Peninsula he is bounded by the pier of Ao Nam Mao and on the other to himadjacent sight and it is the beach - Shell Cemetery (Shell fossil). Along the beach in places there are mangroves and large blocks of pressed shells.

Yes, the cemetery of shells as an official tourist attraction is located in another place, but there are also lots of old shells pressed into huge plates by time.

It is necessary to walk on them more accurately, cockleshells are sharp. Here you can live almost in the jungle, in silence and away from tourist get-togethers, enjoying solitude. The beach offers a beautiful view of the islands in the distance and it is nice to meet the sunsets. And from the pier of Ao Nammao, literally in a matter of minutes, you can take a long-distance to the beautiful beaches of the Railay Peninsula.

Sunset, depth and waves

The main disadvantage of the beach is that swimming is notvery comfortable and pleasant, and at low tide the water generally goes very far, as well as a bit too much garbage on the shore. At low tide from the pier, you can walk along the beach freely, but a rather narrow strip of land remains at high tide; Another interesting feature of Ao Nammao beach is that at night you can see plankton glowing in the dark.

Sun beds and shade

Mangrove trees directly in the water andtrees bordering the beach create shade and a sense of solitude. The coast of Ao Num Mao is very green in principle and there is no problem with shadow here. Sun beds come across periodically around more or less large resorts and where the beach allows. As I already wrote, it is not the widest in Krabi. It is much easier here to find a hammock, suspended on mangroves.

Beach photo

Berth and to the left

To the left of the pier, near Amatapura Villa and Rimlay Villas.

Still to the left of the pier, the next lane.

Near Shell Fossil Beach

To the right of the pier

About Arawan Beach Resort. From this place you can walk to Riley at low tide.


There are almost no shops and cafes in the area of ​​the beach. There are several trays of food and souvenirs in the entrance area to the sights of Shell fossil near Ao Nammao. There is also a local market near the pier. Approximately in the middle of the beach there are two beach cafes where you can relax in the lounge chairs or hammocks.

From the entertainment available on the beach - in some hotels you can rent kayaks or surfboards on which you can swim while standing, paddling.

On the beach you can also ride a horse, hereThere is a corresponding service with four horses and all the necessary equipment. Nearby is the Shell Fossil Shell Cemetery and the Krabi Aquarium cemetery several times already mentioned (although this is actually a research and development center - the Coastal Fisheries Research and Development Center, but tourists are also allowed there).

Houses and hotels on the beach

One of the most popular hotels on the beach is the small and cozy Rimlay Villas.

. The houses are located near the beach, there is a swimming pool, the area is well-kept and green. Even from the beach villas there are nice modern houses with a pool - Amatapura Luxury Beachfront Resort

. Also near the beach is the democratic hotel Krabi Tropical Beach Resort.

with simple rooms and a pool.

Krabi hotels>

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How to find the beach

Getting to the beach from Ao Nang and from Krabi Towncan be on a songteo, bus, tuk tuk, longtail. With Railay, there is also a boat message at the beach, as mentioned above. From Krabi Town to the pier of Ao Nam Mao go longtails working as a water taxi. In all cases, the road to the beach takes about 10-15 minutes.

Beach map

Ao Nam Mao Beach Map

Ao Nam Mao beach map:

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