Beach near Khao Daeng

The beach is not designed for swimming, and not at allresort. There are no hotels, no cafes, only small Thai fishing villages. You can come here to see the beauties of Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park. There are also cupruable beaches that look similar, but cleaner, with white sand and deeper entrances.

And you can come to this beach just totake pictures and look at the landscapes. In principle, you can try to swim, just have to go far, hundreds of meters, because the depth is increasing very, very slowly. Well, the muddy bottom will not like everything.

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Khao Daeng Beach on the map

The point where the beach was taken is indicated. This is the road that passes near the Sam Roi Yot Visitor Center National Park and goes straight to the beach. So the strip of the beach is long and goes along the entire settlement of Khao Daeng and beyond.

Beach near Khao Daeng

Beach near Khao Daeng
Not a resort or swimable beach. Suitable for looking at the scenery.
Read about the beach.

Not a resort or swimable beach. Suitable for looking at the scenery. Read about the beach.

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