Ba Kan Tiang Bay beach - a place for a quiet holiday on Lanta

Ba Kantiang Bay is one of the largest (by the standards of Ko Lanta) beaches, which is located at the southern end of the island. Not so many tourists get here as Klong Dao or Long beach, and mostly people come for one day,independently on cars or on bikes. After Kantiang Bay, there are several very small coves on the shore, so this beach is the last stronghold of civilization in the south of Koh Lanta. There is a good choice of hotels here, even there is some kind of tourist infrastructure, and further beyond Kaniang there is a wilderness and a protected area. The length of the beach is about one kilometer.

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Beach description

Kantiang Bay is a curved baywhich is bounded on both sides by rocky hills. Due to this location at the foot, the mountains surrounding it are visible around the perimeter of the beach, and it looks much more picturesque than Long beach or Klong Dao.

These two beaches are almost perfectly straight and flat. And here it creates the most that neither is an island tropical atmosphere. Yes, another big plus is that there are not too many people on the beach, and it turns out that the main whole movement occurs only on the right side of the beach.

Kantiang Bay is covered with fine yellow, in some places -gray sand, the width of the beach is from 5 to 50 meters, depending on the tides. A great place for those who love a secluded vacation away from people, even if it is to the detriment of the comfort and water quality of the beach.

Sunset, depth and waves

On the right side of the pontoon pier under waterstones come across, and the left half of the beach is cleaner in this respect. The width of the beach at low tide becomes simply unreal, and Kantiang Bay itself turns more into a football field or a walking beach - it is convenient to run or walk.

At high tide the beach looks pretty nice andcupable We must go 5-10 meters to the depth. Reefs with high water is almost invisible, they can only be seen at low tide, and there are really a lot of them.

In the right half of the beach in the mornings there come a lot of boats for the landing of tourists, so at 10-11 o'clock it becomes unbutable here because of the amphibious assault.

Sun beds and shade

On the left side of Kantiang Bay there is a rock thatmay give shade, but only in the morning. I’ll clarify - right in the early hours, when the shadow is not particularly needed. There is a natural shadow from the trees that grow along the entire coast, but in the center of the beach there are some very small deciduous trees that give little shadow.

And in principle, if you look at the whole beachIn general, there are no tall trees with large crowns. And the beach is located on the west coast of Koh Lanta, which means a guaranteed inflow after 12 o'clock in the afternoon. There are no sun beds, and those on the beach belong to the hotels of the first line.

Beach photo

Ba Kantiang Bay Beach on Lanta

Ba Kantiang Bay Beach on Lanta


In the right side of Kantiang Bay, in that place onthe shore, where the forest has not yet begun, there are several cafes. In the center of the beach there is a pontoon dock made of plastic canisters, and here catamarans and longtails are surprisingly much, which is unusual for Ko Lanta. And the big boats, and passenger boats - just enough.

The main infrastructure is concentrated in the rightparts of the beach, next to the 7-Eleven minimarket. There are several hotels, resorts, some services here - in general, I cannot say that the area is saturated with infrastructure, but nevertheless it is here.

Further, the road moves away from the coast prettyfar and returns only at the end of the beach. In this area of ​​wasteland and just grows forest, thick and deciduous with shrubs. Well, there are a couple of expensive resorts.

Houses and hotels on the beach

The main choice of accommodation comes from the beginning of Ba Kantiang beach, and only two of them can boast direct access to the sea: Phra Nang Lanta by Vacation Village

and Baan Puteri Lanta

. And in the center of the beach, far from competitors, the territory of the large resort Pimalai Resort & Spa is widely spread


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How to find the beach

Taxi drivers know the road, but if you are goinggo by yourself, then from Saladan go nowhere without turning off for about 30 minutes the main road along the coast and look at the blue signs, and even better - on the navigator in the smartphone.

There are no bright landmarks at the beach, it starts andit ends suddenly. The road to the beach will be good, concrete, so that - for an independent trip all the conditions. Passage to the beach - anywhere in Ba Kantiang where you will see paths to the right, with rare exception, the passage is free everywhere.

Beach map

Ba Kantien Bay beach map

Ba Kantien Bay beach map:

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