Beach Haad Son (Haad Son) - is no longer a secret beach in Phangan

Beach Haad Son, for its location, scale andthe atmosphere is often called Secret Beach, although, judging by the number of tourists on Had Son, it has long ceased to be secret. This is a very small beach, about a hundred meters long, which is hidden in a secluded bay in the middle of the western steep bank of Phangan.

It is really not so easy to find an unknowing person, because the exits to the beach are very imperceptible, he himself is lower down the slope and is not visible from the main road at all.

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Beach description

Of the total hundred-meter length Hud Saone, perhapsonly half of the beach can be called cupable. If you look at the sea, then on the right side the beach is bounded by steep cliffs, at the top of which is built the Haad Son Resort.

. On the left side, in the beach sand there are scattered huge stones, between which you can easily hide from prying eyes.

Probably once before it was heavenlya place for nudists, and now anyone who owns information and eyes, both from the parking lot of the resort, and from a separate small path, can get here. People on Secret Beach in the high season, according to my observations - a lot. The sand is fine, light yellow with gray, with almost no impurities and stones.

Sunset, depth and waves

The right side of the beach is smaller, in the left -depth at high tide is such that after 3-4 meters from the coast, it becomes approximately on the chest. At low tide, as you understand, with the local relief of the bottom, the sea is noticeably shallowing, and going beyond deep water will have to be much further. A lot of people come here just to jump from the small rocks around restaurant Koh Raham.

This is a rocky cape on which is locatedthe cult place of Phangan, a restaurant-bar in the style of “what was found on the shore, was built from that”. On the stairs, or right from the restaurant area, people climb onto the stones to jump from a three-meter height. There will be no interesting snork here - there is almost nothing to watch under water, despite the depth.

Sun beds and shade

The beach, to be honest, is semi-wild, there are no rolling beds, but there is a shade for those who arrived with towels. The vegetation of Secret Beach is not deprived, so that in this part of the island the shadow lasts up to 3 days.

But there is a little bit of a different plan - the beacha short one, and a lot of people in a season; there may not be enough shadow at all if we are talking about staying right on the shore. In extreme cases, there is a cafe and massage, you can order drinks and hide there. But in general, my impression is that it is cramped on a secret beach.

Beach photo

In order to completely hit the beach, I had to shoot it not from the center, but from the flanks

In order to completely hit the beach, I had to shoot it not from the center, but from the flanks

View of the right side of the beach

View of the right side of the beach

Local single attraction

Local only attraction - restaurant


The infrastructure of the secret beach is strictlyclassified Detect it failed. In addition to a cafe on the beach, a bar on the rocks and Haad Son Resort, there is nothing or there is within a kilometer radius around Secret Beach, but nobody knows about it.

There are no shops, neither network, nor local, nor fruit shops. Hud Saone Attraction - above mentioned bar ko raham. A really interesting, authentic place, which periodically damages by strong storms, but considering the very concept of the bar - it’s not very clear if it’s broken or so conceived. People like it.

There is a massage sala on the beach.

There is a massage sala on the beach.

Houses and hotels on the beach

Here is a complete list of housing on the beach and within walking distance:

  • Haad Son Resort
  • Bounty resort
  • Secret beach bungalows

It's all. Honestly, for 50 meters of the beach - and this is too much. If interested, I stayed at the Haad Son Hotel and wrote about it. separate reviewIs it worth it or not.

Hotel Haad Son goes directly to the beach

Hotel Haad Son goes directly to the beach

Hotels in Haad Saone>

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How to find the beach

If you go from Tong Saly, then there is a marker on my map, where there will be a viewpoint, from where you can see the beach, the restaurant and the Haad Son resort.

First option: you need to move down from the viewpoint to the hollow on the road, there is a good reference point - there will be parked bikes and a pointer to Haad Son Beach, it is difficult to drive. Throw a bike here and then walk along the path towards the beach through the forest.

The turn to Haad Son from the main road will be right after this viewpoint

The turn to Haad Son from the main road will be right after this viewpoint

First option

First option

The second option: do not stop in the hollow, but go further to the next mountain and get to the sign of Haad Son Resort

, turn left and drive to the hotel parking. Walking path from here to the beach will run along the territory of the resort. It seemed to me that this option is more convenient due to more convenient parking.

Departure to Haad Son Resort

Departure to Haad Son Resort

For bikes there is quite a large parking.

For bikes there is quite a large parking.

Beach map

Haad Son Beach Card (Secret Beach)

Map of Haad Son Beach (Secret Beach):

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