Lo Ba Kao Beach is the best choice for a long holiday on Phi Phi Don Island.

The Lo Ba Bao beach area is located in the northeastPhi Phi Don Island. The place is considered one of the most remote and impassable on the island, that is, there are always not very many people here, but there is plenty of tropical exotic. Lo Ba Khao is an almost flat line of beach, light sand, a clean bottom and a good choice of accommodation throughout its length.

In the left part (if you look at the sea) there is a channel.river (or not the river), which separates the beach from the rocks on the left side of the bay. The flow in the river occurs only at low tide and low tide, because it is mainly sea water that goes around the beach to the right and fills the decent size of the valley behind Lo Ba Kao.

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Beach description

Great beach for the whole vacation. Lo Ba Bao Bay is surrounded on two sides by mountains, and behind Lo Lo Ba Kao beach there is an almost flat plain part, which ends with a beach Lo Lana Beach. In general, there are three beaches within walking distance: Lo Bacao, Lana Beach and Nui Beach - it is located on the opposite side of the hills, but it is difficult to explain in words - look at the map at the end of the article. The distance between the beaches of 500 meters, probably.

The sand is fine, light yellow and found manygarbage, until such time as it is not removed by the staff of the hotels of the first line. They look after the beach, although considering its shallow water - it is not at all difficult.

Sunset, depth and waves

The beach is extremely shallow, and at high watercompletely floods the sandy strip. To save the coast from blurring, Thais were forced to build protection from wooden boards and concrete fences, which, of course, affected the attractiveness of Lo Ba Kao.

Like all Phi Phi Don beaches, on Lobakaoa great role is played by the tides. In fact, you will see two completely different beaches at high tide and low tide. I, unfortunately, was at low tide, so I did not like all the beaches in that area. The water goes 300-400 meters from the shore, the beach Lo Bacao becomes absolutely unappeasable.

I did not see any waves either, but I suspect that they happen only during the storm season.

Sun beds and shade

There is no shadow on Lo Ba Kao, from the word at all. You can find some more or less dense palm trees on the shore, but they all grow on the territory of the resort. Most likely, you will be asked to retire from there, if you settle in without being a guest of the hotel. The rest of the palm trees are very tall, and no natural shade is given.

There are a lot of sunbeds here, but again, they all standbehind the fence, in private territory, and I did not notice a hint at the rental of beach equipment. Apparently what he saw, only guests of nearby resorts feel fine on Lo Ba Bao. The savages are not welcome here and are driven away immediately from private glades.

Beach photo

Beach Lo Ba Kao, Phi Phi Don Island

Beach Lo Ba Kao, Phi Phi Don Island


The area behind Lo Ba Bao is very quiet,calm, without nightlife. There are literally a couple of restaurants at hotels, a couple of local restaurants, a couple of massage ones, and that’s all. By and large, the whole village in the bay consists of several small streets and commercial buildings, everything else belongs to the hotels.

When you walk around Lo Bacao, then everywherestuck pointers with distance and time, where and how to go. Here and so not really confused, but for the first time such pointers can be very useful. Of the sights here are the nearby Nui beach, the bridge, one viewpoint and a cave. Not much, but still more than on some beaches of Phi Phi Don.

Houses and hotels on the beach

If you do not take into account a small village nearby, then housing on Lo Ba Kao is represented by a large five-star resort Phi-Phi Village

, next to which there are several bungalow resorts, of which PP Red Tuna Hut

and Phi Phi Ba Kao Bay Resort

- the most fit.

And on the slopes adjacent to Lo Ba Bao Bay there are two places without private beaches, but with a beautiful view of the sea: Phi Phi Phu Chalet Beach Resort

and Villa 360 Phi Phi Islands

. Under the link below, you will be transferred to the general list.hotels on Phi Phi Don, but you click on the icon with the map and there already decide on accommodation options on Lo Ba Khao Beach. The island is so small that Roomguru does not even try to share hotels along the beaches.

Hotels in Phi Phi>

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For the lazy, here are the direct links to the hotels listed above:

  • Phi-Phi Village

  • PP Red Tuna Hut

  • Phi Phi Ba Kao Bay Resort

  • Phi Phi Phu Chalet Beach Resort

  • Villa 360 Phi Phi Islands

  • How to find the beach

    The beach is located far for hiking, so the best option for a tourist is a boatman. You will need a tourist map, a finger and two hundred baht each way.

    Beach map

    Map of Lo Ba Bao, Lo Lana and Nui Beach beaches

    Map of Lo Ba Bao, Lo Lana and Nui Beach beaches:

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