Nai Yang Beach - uncrowded and pleasant

Beach Nai Yang (Nai Yang Beach) - calm andPhuket's cozy beach. You can find it somewhere in the northwestern part of the island. This beach is not too big. Its length is barely 3 km. The sand under your feet is like golden grains of sand, and the water sparkles with azure hues.

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Beach description

This place is suitable for those who love silence andloneliness - few tourists. And in the summer, for an entire hour of walking along the beach, you can never meet anyone. The most habitable part of the beach is central, there are mini-markets, massage parlors, restaurants, bars and excursion bureaus on the only street along the beach.

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Sunset, depth and waves

The entrance to the water is relatively fast, the depthit is increasing in 10 meters, provided that there is no serious low tide today. During the monsoon in the bay Nai Yang, there are no strong waves, the coral reef protects shallow water from the elements. The entrance to the sea here is very flat and sometimes the water goes tens of meters from the coast. In general, it is possible to forget about bathing at high tide, you will not get to the depths. Also on the southernmost part of a small island full of stones.

Sun beds and shade

North and south beach areas practicallycompletely deserted, but you can be located on the sand under the shade of trees. Set on the beach loungers with umbrellas. In the southern part, so generally casuarin forest.

Beach photo

central part







southern part









As a water entertainment you can ride on kayaking or kitesurfing. In the vicinity of the beach is the temple of Wat Nai Yang, and for lovers of nature there is a great opportunity to stroll through the thickets of the mangrove forests of the park. Like many other small beaches, Nai Yang is a refuge from civilization, hustle and bustle of the city.

In the immediate environment there are no shopping centers ormarket squares, nor business buildings, not especially nightlife centers. Grab a bite at local coastal cafes or hotel restaurants. As the sun goes down, life stops here and the beach becomes moody and deserted.

Only where hotels are locatedsome movement. Hotels on the beach a bit and they are all near the coast. There are available bungalows made of bamboo. As I wrote above, the whole civilization is in the central part: cafes, massage parlors, a couple of minimarkets, currency exchange offices.

If you need 7/11, then you need to go to the next highway,from the central part it is about 15-20 minutes. Approximately there is a Thai market, working on weekends. Well, quite close to 5-10 minutes away is Phuket airport.

Houses and hotels on the beach

In the north, closer to the airport, right on the territory of nat. Park Sirinat, located five-star Dewa Phuket

Nai Yang Beach - uncrowded and pleasant

and further away from the beach, but also in the middle of the forest - quite a budget Ruan Mai Naiyang Beach

Nai Yang Beach - uncrowded and pleasant


There are several good hotels near the beach’s central area: TT Naiyang Beach Phuket

Nai Yang Beach - uncrowded and pleasant

, Ruan Mai San Ngam Resort

Nai Yang Beach - uncrowded and pleasant

and Dang Sea Beach Bungalow

Nai Yang Beach - uncrowded and pleasant

. At the southern end of the beach is the pleasant bungalow hotel L’esprit De Naiyang Beach Resort

Nai Yang Beach - uncrowded and pleasant

(we somehow lived in it, really enjoyed it) and, a few hundred meters from the sea, are villas among the rainforest, Phuket Nature Home Resort

Nai Yang Beach - uncrowded and pleasant


Nai Yang hotels>

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How to find the beach

If you nevertheless decided to go there, then a surprise awaits you first. Of Phuket Airport only taxis go there, no otherpublic transport does not go there. Of course, if you have your means of transportation, then there are no special problems. Follow the signs and get on Thep Krasat Tri highway. From there, turn onto the 402 highway leading to the beach.

Beach map

Nai Yang Beach Map

Nai Yang beach map:

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