Nui Beach (Nui Beach) - decent wild beach on Lanta

Between the beaches Klong Ning and Klong Hin there is a very small stretch of shore with itsthe beach is Nui Beach. Immediately I draw your attention that there are two beaches of Nui on Lanta. One - which will be discussed in this article, and the second is located on the very south of the island in the bay of the same name Nui Bay. That is how they are distinguished: Nui Beach and Nui Bay.

Once again: Nui Beach is just a flat beach at the foot of the mountain, and Nui Bay is located on two beaches to the south, in a cozy picturesque bay. I visited exactly Nui Beach, near the famous Diamond Cliff. The restaurant itself is built on a rocky slope.the hill on which the Horizon Rd road passes, and the beach is downstairs, and you can get to it through the restaurant, free of charge, along very steep stairs. Ordering does not require anything.

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Beach description

Nui Beach is a cozy, deserted, very pleasantbeach. Its length is about 260 meters of yellow sand of medium grain and with a lot of impurities. The main impurity is the rubbish left by the tourists themselves. Unfortunately, due to its isolation, public utilities with garbage bags do not often appear on the beach, and many tourists are smart enough to leave behind glass and plastic bottles, bags and foam from their lunches.

Beach on Nui Beach is rather flat, without sharpdrops and holes. From the coast, you can clearly see large pitfalls that can be viewed at low tide. In general, I would describe Nui Beach as a private beach of one resort.

Sunset, depth and waves

Nui Beach is shallow and changes a lot whenlow tide, although, in principle, it remains relatively cupable even at low water. At high tide, it is enough to move 10 meters from the coast, so that the depth will become your neck.

In the center of the beach is a pile of stones underwater, and on the edges of it there are two clean entrances to the water, 15-25 meters wide. Stones under water do not interfere with swimming, but at low tide Nui Beach’s appearance spoils very much - I saw it in the most unattractive form (in the last photo).

But, according to snorkel reviews, Nui Beach is a normal (but not awful) place for snorkeling on Ko Lanta.

Sun beds and shade

Nui Beach is a wonderful beach, but with a shadowHe was seriously strained, it is only on the edges of the beach. Where the trees hang in the center, do not come close - the green wall of dense shrubs interferes.

But the Thais found a way out and made it on the shorecanopies of sticks, synthetic nets and palm leaves, under which you can hide from the sun. Cheap and practical, and what is more important - canopies are installed along the entire line of the beach, that is, it will be difficult to stay without a shadow.

I did not notice the sun beds in the rental on Nui Beach, but it is not surprising: the beach is really wild in terms of infrastructure and attendance. Only independent tourists come here and usually on bikes.

Beach photo

Nui Beach (Nui Beach) - decent wild beach on Lanta

Nui Beach (Nui Beach) - decent wild beach on Lanta

Nui Beach (Nui Beach) - decent wild beach on Lanta

Nui Beach (Nui Beach) - decent wild beach on Lanta
Nui Beach on Lanta

Nui Beach on Lanta

Nui Beach (Nui Beach) - decent wild beach on Lanta

Nui Beach (Nui Beach) - decent wild beach on Lanta
Nui Beach on Koh Lanta at low tide

Nui Beach on Koh Lanta at low tide

Nui Beach (Nui Beach) - decent wild beach on Lanta


Infrastructure on the beach Nui no beachno, except the restaurant you are going through. I stayed in it to test my standard pineapple shake and local cuisine, and I can say that the guys do not use their monopoly, and I consider some Internet reviews in the style of “godlessly pulled up the price tag in the menu” to be unfair. No, everything is fine there, the price is adequate.

If you look at the infrastructure aroundthe beach as a whole, then on the main road there are a couple of buildings in which there is a travel agency and a Thai store of all sorts of nonsense essentials. More or less serious amenities and services are located on the neighboring beaches - Klong Hin and Klong Nin, before they go two or three minutes from the center of Nui Beach.

Nui Beach (Nui Beach) - decent wild beach on Lanta

Houses and hotels on the beach

On the first line of Nui Beach, you can only build bamboo gazebos, so the nearest accommodation is located on nearby Klong Khin - The Narima

Nui Beach (Nui Beach) - decent wild beach on Lanta

. And a small bonus from the restaurant on Nui Beach - they also position themselves as a resort and are even present in booking systems - Cliff Lanta Suite

Nui Beach (Nui Beach) - decent wild beach on Lanta


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How to find the beach

Getting to Nui Beach is easy if you put a point on your smartphone with the coordinates from the map below. Well, if you are more pleased with the journey on the paper map, then follow the blue signs.

Drive along the coast without turning fromSaladan himself, and when you see a cluster of cars and bikes in the parking lot, and the roofs of the houses, and the Diamond Cliff inscription on a brick fence, then you have arrived. From here begins the restaurant and descend down to Nui Beach. Little parking space, especially cars.

There is one more descent, literally a hundred meters further along the road, there will be a tiny pocket for 3-4 motorbike, from which a path goes to the beach along the jungle littered with debris.

Beach map

Nui Beach Beach Card

Map of Nui Beach:

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