The best hotels in Samui: my selection of price-rating-quality

They periodically ask me about which hotelprefer in one or another Thai resort, in particular, ask about Samui. Therefore, I decided to make a selection of hotels on this island, that is, to make a small list of those hotels from which I would choose. I myself can be later in handy. Of course, it is better to remove house on samui for a long time and live, than to be content with a couple weeks of vacation, but this is not for everyone. Also, if you have the opportunity to pay for maximum comfort, it makes sense to consider hotels in koh samui with your beach.

If you can advise any goodhotel on Koh Samui, please write, in the comments, it is useful even to those who take pictures at home, because you need to live somewhere for the first few days while you are looking for a house. There is also a selection on the blog. hotels in phuket (Kata Noi, Kata, Karon, Patong, Kamal, Bang Tao, Surin, Knighton).

The content of the article

Hotels on Maenam Beach

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Hotels in Koh Samui>

Briefly about the beach

Maenam has a reputation as a family beach, due tothat is far from the noisy centers of the island and, at the same time, has all the necessary infrastructure for a normal life. Relatively close to it are three large hypermarkets and an airport. Twenty minutes by car is the ferry pier to the mainland SeaTran, and on Maenam itself is the pier of the catamarans Lomprayah.

This is one of the longest beaches of Samui, whichthroughout its length, the quality of the beach varies slightly, but overall, the sea is equally excellent everywhere. The only sites of Maenam that are not very attractive for living are located near the Lomprayia pier, near the mouths of small island rivers and in the places where the storm waters enter the sea. But in such places you can find expensive villas.

The coastline of Maenam is not fully built up. Dear hotels give way to resorts with one-bedroom bungalows, and those, in turn, are replaced by vacant lots or unfinished complexes. Considering the first-line hotels in Maenam, you can see offers of different price categories, both for wealthy people and for people who are used to saving.

More about Maename with photos and descriptions.


Maenam palm point

Of the affordable Maenam hotels, I would choose Hutcha Resort

. It just applies to hotels with “uncomfortableneighborhood "river. Due to the sand applied, the sea near the resort is slightly smaller than the rest of Maenam, and in heavy rain the water becomes a brownish tint. But it is necessary to step aside to 50-100 meters, and the question of clean water disappears, and on the other points Hutcha Resort is rated positive and the hotel has a decent set of good reviews.

And in Palm Point Village

for 600 baht per day you can stay in a cozya bungalow a minute walk from one of the island’s best beaches. The interior is not designed for long-term accommodation, and the owners of the hotel perfectly understand their good location and almost never go for a discount, even if they rent a room for a long time.

More expensive

Escape Beach Resort

From hotels of a higher price category can be noted Fair House Villas & Spa, Koh Samui

. Rooms here cost from 3,000 baht, but the pricejustified. Exceptional service, luxurious rooms, spacious rooms, a large number of options for outdoor activities, an outdoor swimming pool. To the Ring Road on the territory of the hotel carry on electric cars, and to Chaweng offer a free shuttle service.

The second example is Escape Beach Resort

which is far from the noisy roundaboutthe island’s roads are distinguished by friendly staff, excellent breakfast and a skilled chef in the hotel’s restaurant. Due to its privacy, Escape Beach Resort boasts a clear sea and an almost empty beach.

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Hotels in Bang Por Beach

Briefly about the beach

Bang Po Beach on Koh Samui is overa simplified version of Maenam beach. Stretching along the ring road, Bang Po has a less busy infrastructure, there are almost no shops and banks, but a lot of private houses. Bang Po is attractive because it is located between Maenam and Nathon, and is not actively promoted by real estate agencies. The silence of this area attracts family people and supporters of secluded island recreation. Noisy companies of young people get here less often, and life flows measuredly and quietly.

Bang Beach In some places looks abandoned, despiteon a fairly dense shoreline building. On the shore is a large number of cafes. The road has several convenience stores, stone and wood processing shops, furniture stores, and garden markets.

There are not so many hotels here as on Maenam, butThere are almost no wastelands and stinkers. I will not say that Bang Po has any special, cool places, and places to avoid. Is that the edges of the beach are limited to stone placers, therefore, hotels on the right or left flanks have a less attractive seabed and the entrance to the water.

Learn more about Bang Po with photos and descriptions.


anna resort

From inexpensive you can consider Anna Resort

with an attractive price and very hospitablethe owner is a Russian. I understand that there are some stereotypes in relation to compatriots, especially to those who have left for the island for a long time and are engaged in business here “earning from their own”.

You yourself know how hard it is to squeeze out of ourtourist's positive feedback. So, good reviews from Anna Resort is already a large number. The hotel’s territory is adjacent to Samui’s ring road, but is fenced off by a stone fence, so the hotel is very quiet. Inside is a green area and all the amenities of a classic hotel.

More expensive

Bang po Panalee resort

The category of "more expensive" include the hotel Panalee Resort

. In general, on the other side of Bang Po, which is closer tothe sea, crept hotels of approximately the same price category. There are luxury hotels with an exorbitant price tag, but in this review I have not considered these. Therefore, Panali Resort can be called expensive. This hotel has a modern interior design and a nice, well-kept garden with two pools. The vegetation is so thick that it creates the atmosphere of the jungle.

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Hotels on Choeng Mon Beach

Briefly about the beach

Infrastructure of the area where the beach is locatedChong Mon is one of the most developed and interesting in terms of living. This is one of the most densely populated parts of the island, with a large number of shops, ATMs, transport rental points, and other attributes of civilization. Chong Monet hosts a weekly night fair, which on other days runs on Chaweng, Lamai, Bo Phut and Maenam, that is, in the most lively and tourist areas of the island.

Chong Mon Beach on Samui recommends choosing onepeople who want to relax with children at sea, without worrying about the depth and waves. Chong Mon is a relatively small beach, shaped like a strongly arched arc, and protected at the edges from winds and strong currents. Not ideal entrance to the sea on the flanks of the beach is compensated by clean fine sand and a gentle slope of the bottom in the center. Here, the entrance to the sea is clean, without stones and coral fragments.

On the shore of Chong Mona stand a solid wallmixed cafes, restaurants, massage bamboo houses and hotels. On the coastline of Chong Mona there is no private accommodation for rent, everything is occupied by hotels and resorts, from which you can choose the right one for you at the price and services provided.

More about Chong Monet with photos and description.


Choengmon Imperial boat

So, the option of cheap hotels - The Imperial Boat House Beach Resort

in which there is a home, and even a pool thatmade in the form of ancient Thai ships. The territory of the hotel is rich in greenery, there are two pools, there is a children's playroom and a playground, transportation is provided, and for hotel guests the rental price is one of the best at Chong Monet. The hotel buildings themselves are somewhat old-fashioned, but there is an excellent access to the beach and there are no problems with sun beds.

More expensive

Choengmon Royal Muang Samui

Hotel Royal Muang Samui Villas

Great for a relaxing family vacation. Beautiful, spacious rooms, a spa, a large swimming pool overlooking the sea, a cozy green area. Knowing the weakness of Thais to prepare monotonous breakfasts, in the Royal Muang Samui Villas, the very first thing you start is to enjoy their diversity, as well as perfectly prepared dishes in the hotel restaurant.

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Hotels on Bo Phut Beach

Briefly about the beach

Bo Phut Beach is located in that part of the islandwhich is among the five largest and most comfortable areas of Samui. The location of Bo Phut can be considered the most advantageous among the neighbors - Maenam, Chaweng, Chong Mona and Bang Raka. From here you can easily and quickly get to the airport, the Bang Rack Pier, the three main hypermarkets: Macro, Big C and Tesco Lotus at Chaweng. Bo Phut is located between the boring and sleepy Maenam and the noisy, never sleeping Chaweng. Fifteen minutes from Bo Phut, small beaches of the northern part of Samui and the many kilometers long shores of Chaweng and Maenam are hidden.

The beach on Bo Phut is well equipped forresort recreation, has a lot of attractions and entertainment. Bo Phut is one of two inflatable sea castles for children (the second is on Chaweng), most of the beach accessories are rented, and the services of rental of sea transport are also provided.

The entire coastline belongs to large hotels and resorts that have separated the beach from the island’s ring road. From fashionable and very expensive hotel W-Retreat Koh Samuiwhere prices start at 90,000 baht per day(therefore it is not in my review) and before the pier in the fishing village of Fisherman Village Bo Phut. After the pier, shallow water and a rocky bottom begin, so this part of the island is of no interest for a beach holiday.

Learn more about Bo Phut with photos and descriptions.


Po phut Pelegrin Hotel

Therefore, one of the inexpensive options, the hotel Pelegrin Hotel Samui

located in the noisy, tourist center of the area- near the pier. Brand new hotel (for 2014), run by friendly owners. The location of the hotel is its plus and minus at the same time. On the one hand, you have a whole pedestrian street under the windows, completely filled with shops and cafes, but you know, life is in full swing here all the time. And on Fridays, the street is blocked from 5:00 pm until late at night, for the “Night Market” known on Samui.

More expensive

Bo phut Peace Resort

The hotel is more expensive, Peace Resort

, located on the opposite edge of Bo Phut,closer to W-Retreat Koh Samui. No tourists are observed here, except for neighbors in the hotel. The beach is well maintained, with a clean entrance to the water. The hotel has cozy bungalows, a huge swimming pool and children's play areas. In fact, with the playgrounds on the island is very sad, so the administration of such hotels for the care of children can safely add to the reputation.

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Hotels on Chaweng Beach

Briefly about the beach

Chaweng Beach is conveniently locatedairport, but as far as possible from the pier in Nathon, which connects the island of Koh Samui with the mainland. Chaweng is the unofficial but unconditional entertainment capital on Samui. This is a large settlement, has the largest number of shops, banks, a large number of markets, and other useful places on the island. Chaweng is the largest reservoir of fresh water, called Lake Chaweng. On the border between Chaweng and Bo Phut, there are three main supermarkets on Samui: Macro, Tesco Lotus and Big Si.

Despite its overpopulation, noise, hustle,A large number of entertaining and selling personnel, Chaweng Beach is the pearl of Koh Samui. It is sand and water) It is a pity that everything else can not be put anywhere. On Chaweng there are several sections of the beach, which differ in depth of the bottom, width of the sandy strip and the number of objects on the coast. Here you can sunbathe in shallow water, walking knee-deep in the sea, or swim at a normal depth.

Selection of beach activities at Chawengdiverse, and the entire coastline is tightly built up with hotels and entertainment venues. In addition to the beach and the trump places of the area, many hotels were built on the outskirts of Chaweng and inside residential neighborhoods. The proximity to the sea, for obvious reasons, increases the cost of a room per day, so the two budget options I offer are not located at the minute availability of the beach. Chaweng is one of the five longest beaches of Samui, so we are considering two options for hotels in each price category.

More with photos and descriptions: Chaweng. Chaweng Noi. Chaweng Yang.


Chaweng The New Villa

The new villa

built in the semi-hermitage quarter of Chaweng, close to the houses of local residents. In this place, near the top of the beach Chaweng Noi, Chaweng beach gradually narrows, and at the bottom of everythinghuge stones come across more often, which makes it less attractive for sunbathing lovers. The proximity to the sea does not have its advantage, because you still have to go some distance along the water to get to the clean entrance to the sea. The New Villa itself is a quiet hotel, but this is the best solution for Chaweng, close to the sea and to parties.

The second budget place I would consider for a short stay on Samui is Nantra Chaweng Beach Hotel

which stands in the depths of the town of Chaweng, in the veryin the middle of its movement, the noise of engines and the smell of macaws. Nantra Chaweng Beach Hotel has a great location for a budget city hotel with good wifi. The best choice for party-goers and night residents of Samui.

More expensive

Chaweng cove

Of the more expensive hotels, I will note Chaweng Cove Beach Resort

which is located by the sea, tentatively -opposite the Bangkok Hospital. Cheers up communication with responsive and cheerful hotel staff. A green area with a chic pool serving quality cooked breakfasts is located near the central, best section of Chaweng Beach.

Chaweng Buri Resort

built also in the central part of chaweng butcloser to the north. The beautifully decorated territory of the hotel, its close location to the newly built Central Festival and the renovated bungalows of the hotel itself are perfect for lovers of live, driving rest. Yes, be sure to choose renovated, fresh bungalows, without cracks in the doorways (there are such) if you do not want night guests from the local tropical fauna.

And links to the listed hotels in the RoomGuru search engine:

Hotels on Lamai Beach

Briefly about the beach

Lamai Beach is wonderful because it blends itself active nightlife with a lazy beach holiday in the daytime. Lamai village is located on the east coast of Samui, on the border between the Chaweng civilization and the hermitage areas of the island. Being one of the most sought-after areas of Samui, Lamai has an excellent island infrastructure, where everything except the hospital is. In addition, Lamai is the leader in the number of children's entertainment, there is a second one built on McDonalds Island, from here most of Samui’s attractions are accessible.

Lamai Beach stretches for more than 5 km andnot at all the same throughout. From rocky-shallow in the north, through an ideally-classic center to a semi-wild, neglected south. In several places there are mouths of local rivers, which in the rainy season well erode the beach. In the dry season, the water level in the rivers decreases until the flow stops in some of them, and the water begins to emit an unpleasant smell.

On all 5 kilometers of the beach there is only onevacant lot, everything else is built up with hotels, so very carefully choose a place for vacation. There are hotels that stand on the bank of a stinky river, but the price of a room in such hotels is still far from budget. Therefore, it is easy to be deceived by the beautiful pictures on the website of the hotel and by the price, in fact it turns out that everything is not so rosy.

More with photos and descriptions: Lamai Central. Lamai south. Lamai North.


Lamai Bill resort

The best option in many ways is Bill Resort.

which is located on the edge of Lamai, quiteNot far from one of the most popular attractions of Samui - Grandma and Grandpa Rocks (Hin Ta Hin Yai). Excellent bungalows for quite sane money, a hundred meters from the ring road. Far enough to not hear the passing trucks, and close enough not to wander along the lanes of the village. Good swimming pool, green area, unobtrusive staff and strategically convenient location. Of the inconvenience - the hotel stands on a steep slope, which has to go down to the beach and pool. By the way, due to the coastline - the beach opposite Bill Resort, the most exotic part of all Lamai, with huge round boulders, characteristic only for the east coast of the island.

Hotel Utopia Resort

standing in the middle of Lamai beach, next to the bridgeacross the river. In the off-season, this river changes its course and thoroughly destroys the coast, washing tons of sand into the sea. But by the beginning of the season the coast is restored. With the exception of these nuances, Utopia Resort has a convenient location on Lamai, close to the Tesco Lotus supermarket and Lamaic grocery market. Quality wifi, private massage on the beach, quality breakfasts and a skilled chef at the hotel restaurant.

More expensive

Lamai Wanta Beach

Lamai Wanta Beach Resort

, this hotel is more expensive than the first two, built inmiddle of the tourist center of Lamai. Perhaps the coolest place in the whole village. From the hotel to the sea about 50 meters, and to a noisy road with round-the-clock vigorous activity about 200 meters. Hotel Lamai Wanta is very clean, it can be seen that a lot of time is spent on cleaning. Hotel rooms, corridors and the whole territory on the street are licked with German thoroughness. The wifi is rather weak, the rooms are stable, but they don’t reach the beach. Hotel breakfasts are very much praised, and in general, the chef's skill at the hotel. A few meters from the sea is a swimming pool, there is a special pleasure to splash around the side with a cocktail, admiring the horizon above the heads of people on the beach.

Here is an example of unique pricing for hotel rooms in Thailand. Hotel Samui Jasmine Resort

located almost "through the wall" from Utopia Resortand the price is almost five times different. The rooms are, of course, gorgeous. It is evident that they did not stint neither on the designer, nor on the materials. Very helpful and polite staff, in the restaurant - live music in the evenings, close proximity to the sea. The whole hotel has good, stable internet. Many lounges on the beach, delicious, varied breakfast. Why pay attention to the diversity - Thais often do not load themselves by changing the breakfast menu. And after three or four days you do not know what to eat.

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