Church of the “Light of the World” in Guadalajara

Guadalajara - the center of a powerful religious movementProtestant focus called the "Light of the World" church (La Luz del Mundo). Of course, it is possible to contempt contemptuously and call it a sect, but these are 5 million followers (1.5 million of them live in Mexico) and temples that are superior to Mormon in architectural pomp. It all started with the fact that in 1926, the 28-year-old Mexican Eusebio Joaquin Gonzalez declared himself a prophet and created a small community. A handsome man like that, in general, was a guy, something in between a Nikolai Rastorguev from Lyube and a football player Garrincha. Christians and especially Christians followed him, and in 1954 the “Light of the World” was already a fairly powerful organization capable of acquiring land in Guadalajara and practically crushing the entire district.

Then the church entered the international arena,It gained adherents throughout Latin America and Oceania and became a powerful financial corporation. Now it is headed by the son of the “prophet,” Samuel Joaquin Flores, who, like his father, is also not deprived of male and universal charisma. People from various parts of the world, including from India, often come here. The Doctrine of the “Light of the World” is based on the denial of the Trinity and the Gospel (the Bible and the small hymnals, written by Joaquin personally, are recognized), tightly controls the activities of community members, strict with women and by all indications can be attributed to totalitarian sects. An important element is the personality of the leader, without which the common man "is not capable of attaining Christ."

In August, each follower of the movement mustmake a pilgrimage to the main temple. Unlike Muslims, who need only to visit Mecca at least once in their life, they need to come here every year. All this translates into crowded gatherings, adding to the “good life” of the Guadalajara police and authorities. But the money in the city treasury from the sectarians, apparently, come in regularly, and therefore the authorities are loyal. And many Catholics respect the “luminaries” for their sobriety, nonsmobilities, work and the campaign against illiteracy. As the main symbol of the church is used Jewish candlestick. Its form partly repeats the main temple of the “Light of the World”, located not far from the metro station “Tetlan” (the final 2nd line). This is a stunning modern construction, an ellipse of 60? 90 m, with pyramidal walls (architect Leopoldo Fernandez Font, 1983-90). Inside are luxurious stained glass windows and white marble. In addition to the "Light of the World", the Tetlan area is interesting except for a green corner called Ibero-American Solidarity Park.

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