City of Arkaim and its mystery

Every century has its own secrets and riddles ...

Why does everyone have their own? Simply, over time, the answers are on any, even the most difficult and seemingly intractable question. Today, one of such issues, over which the best minds of humanity break their heads, remains Arkaim ... There are many theories about the city of Arkaim in the Chelyabinsk region. Naturally, it is no longer possible to find out for certain. We once went to Arkaim and I can say that visually not a remarkable place, but at the same time many people consider it a place of power.

What is reliably known about him is that hewas discovered by scientists in 1987 at the place where it was planned to flood the Bolshekaragansky valley in the Chelyabinsk region, to create a reservoir in its place. By happy coincidence, already, practically, at the final stages of work, the attention of scientists was attracted by a small segment of the terrain, which has no analogues anywhere in the world. In the valley, mottled with boulders, a small ancient settlement was found, including dozens of dwellings, like half-Earth inhabitants with hearths, cellars and wells. According to scientists, this find dates back to the 18th and 16th centuries. BC e., the period of the Bronze Age in world history.

Scientists have made the maximum of their efforts tosave this area from flooding and in 1991 it was declared a conservation area (within the branch of the Ilmensky Reserve). According to G. B. Zdanovich, Arkaim is the clearest example of the unity of primitiveness, the indivisibility of its most diverse beginnings. It is simultaneously a fortress, a temple, a handicraft center, and a residential settlement.
Based on these excavations, archaeologists have compiledpicture of an ancient settlement. In their opinion, these were not scattered objects, but an integral complex, with a total area of ​​about two tens of thousands of square meters with defensive structures and developed residential infrastructure, right down to water pipes, which causes incredible interest in everyone who is more or less interested in history and, Moreover, engineering communications.

But not only this progressive “over the years” engineering construction causes bewilderment. Not less interest and a lot of guesswork are fraught with the geometry of this ancient construction of the century.
For a long time I will guess over the unsolvableThe moment a question - why Arkaim has the form of a circle? This is some kind of symbolism that has come down from non-existence to our days or a sophisticatedly complex structure that is not accessible to the consciousness of modern man.

Another secret of Arkaim is that it is not clear why this settlement was burned and abandoned. According to some reports, it lasted not so long.

Unfortunately, there is a problem furtherthe study of the city, as usual because of the Russian bureaucracy. The zone was declared a reserve, and in such zones it is impossible to conduct excavations and other similar activities, so now the city of Arkaim is simply an open-air museum. Perhaps this was done on purpose, so as not to reveal this historical milestone to us. After all, then you have to explain why according to historical textbooks, settlements in Russia began to emerge only 1,000 years ago, and here is a city that is about 4 thousand years old.

One can only hope that someday wewe learn the secret of Arkaim, and for example, the secret of the settlement of Sunghir near Vladimir, on the site of which there is a dump at the moment, and the estimated age is about 25 thousand years.

Arkaim. The site is underground.

Arkaim. The site is underground.

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