Coffee house Paul Bakery in Rosa Khutor - so-so, but the Internet is good

I first heard about Paul Bakery on the Internet. Then, on the spot, snowboarders told me that there were awesome breakfasts for ridiculous money. The truth was not to check, as my breakfast was included in the price and was so good that I spent an hour and a half every morning around the buffet. I could not overeat much, but I tried my best. So, I walked past this Paul Bakery, photographed the facade from different sides and still could not muster my strength to go inside personally. Once the mood and possibilities coincided and I did it. My opinion? Paul Bakery in the Olympic Village on Rosa Khutor is a place for work, not for a snack.

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Coffee shop Paul Bakery

For the two times that I visited there (in the evening), I did notnoticed a special influx of guests and always found a normal place where it was nice to sit with a cup of coffee and a laptop. Paul Bakery is a uniquely pleasant place. The interior is very simple, bright, in decorative squares and with a minimum of furniture. Due to this, the internal space of the cafe looks very light, calm and disposes to sitting there for a long time and with pleasure. The free and relatively stable Internet also helps this, but I note the quality of service and performance of dishes as very mediocre.

I will deliver them exactly a troek, not even “good”. Coffee in Paul Bakery is prepared, well, so-so. Baking - average, took the cake Prague, does not seem. Prices are low compared to neighboring establishments. My friend ordered his own noodles, wok, so little that he waited a long time (he walked twice and asked when it was ready), he also spat on it afterwards - not tasty.

In Paul Bakery, you can come at least becausethat there are fewer people here than in Surf Cafe and not as noisy as in Mammoth (which doesn’t work at all in the morning) is cheaper here than in the neighboring Pear, and it’s a pity that it’s so tasteless - this could be the perfect place for coworking, although people come to the Olympic Village not to work, of course. As a coffee house, this institution performs its functions, but you yourself understand that reviews are written in a really cool place in completely different terms.

Coffee House Paul Bakery at Rosa Khutor

Coffee House Paul Bakery at Rosa Khutor

Information to visit

The restaurant is open daily from 9 am to 9 pm

There are Wi-fi and sockets.

There is parking for 30 cars with other establishments.

Business lunch for 350 r from 12 to 16 hours.

Breakfast at 190 p from 9 to 12 hours (coffee + roll + scrambled eggs). For the Olympic Village it is very budget.

In the last hour of work 50% discount on all baked goods.

On the map

Located in the Olympic Village at an altitude of 1100 meters right near the famous Surf Coffee.

Coffee shop Paul Bakery

Coffee shop Paul Bakery
Coffee shop on the territory of the Olympic Village. Good internet, normal coffee, mediocre cuisine.
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Coffee shop on the territory of the Olympic Village. Good internet, normal coffee, mediocre cuisine. More details.

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