Dancing House - a great viewing platform in Prague

A must-see place in Prague, one ofThe best and most interesting sights of the city. The building is located in the center, easily accessible on any type of transport. Plus, not far from it is the embankment of the Vltava River. Actually, this geography made the view from the roof of the Dancing House one of the best panoramas of Prague.

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Dancing House, Prague

Initial plans by which the Dancing Househad to perform the functions of an art gallery, a library and a cultural center as a whole — it was not destined to be fulfilled. The house is now a business center, with a bunch of offices, an expensive bar and a viewing platform. The entrance to the viewing room is conditionally free - pay 100 kroons or order a drink (there are 65 kroons each).

Bar, of course, not cheap, sodrink + dessert does not fit in one hundred crowns. But you have an official reason to sit at a table with a beautiful view of the rooftops of the city. In the evening it is quite difficult to take good pictures through the glass - it flashes and glows. But the sunset hours are the most beautiful to visit this attraction.

The restaurant on the 7th floor was closed for privateevening, but I managed to pofot the menu. In the bar on the 8th floor there are only 9 tables, on weekends it’s better not to go, a lot of people. But the people are not sitting straight for hours, you can wait for the table, I waited only 10 minutes.

Dancing house in Prague

Dancing house in Prague

The bar only drinks and sweets. Sunset on the street lookout 100 CZK or drink. I podgadal so that just I needed something sweet (16-17 hours), paid 134 crowns for a latte and a piece of chocolate cake, pleasant with useful. Both the coffee and the cake were normal.

I don’t know if anyone pays 100 kroons separately forA lookout if coffee / beer costs 60-70 kroons, and wine 100 kroons. It is better to take a drink right away. As a result, it generally turns out to be inexpensive, because a viewing room usually costs about 150 CZK, for example, at the Petrin Tower.

The view is only from 3-4 tables, whichoccupy more often. But the view is not exactly perfect either. There is a second glass and iron beams that block the view. But the Prague Castle can be clearly seen, yes. And still - rather low for the viewing platform. From the outside lookout is much better, and there is where to sit, but in the winter - the wind and oak.

By the way, when I left, the people thinned out and even free tables appeared. In general, everything is as usual when I go to the viewpoint: either the weather deteriorates, or some other cataclysm.

Dancing house in Prague

Dancing house in Prague

Historical reference

The inspiration of the architects of the Dancing House becameingenious dance duet Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. That is why the house has a second, official name "Ginger and Fred." The history of these Hollywood stars of the 30s will be even more interesting than the history of the house itself, but you can google it yourself.

Half a century before Ginger and Fred frozeon the embankment of the Vltava, in this place was located a dwelling house, subsequently affected by the bombings of the Second World War. Czech President Vaclav Havel lived near the wasteland. As they say, it was he who first came up with the idea to put something unusual here.

Two architects: Vlado Milunich and Frank Gary, as well as designer from England Eva Irzhichna, created what caused the mass discussions among the Prague intelligentsia and ordinary citizens. The dancing couple was so distracted from the usual classical exterior of Prague buildings that serious disputes flared up. However, with the support of the president, the building was completed in 1996.

Information to visit

Open daily from 10 am to 12 at night.

The cost of passage to the observation deck - 100 CZK or make an order at the bar.

Toilet is free.

It is windy on the roof in autumn and winter, it is better to dress warmer.

In 2016 in the Dancing House appeared moreHotel, Dancing House Hotel. Four stars, twenty rooms with a great view from the windows, and the most luxurious here are the penthouses Ginger Royal Suite and Fred Royal Suit.

On the map

dancing House

dancing House
The house, or rather 2 houses of very interesting shape. Inside there is an office center, a gallery, a hotel and a rooftop restaurant overlooking the city. Once it is worth going.
More about the house.

The house, or rather 2 houses of very interesting shape. Inside there is an office center, a gallery, a hotel and a rooftop restaurant overlooking the city. Just go to stand.More details about the house.

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