The results of 2017 - in general, all the way, but the skis do not go

Also decided to take stock. This should be done periodically to understand which goals have been met and whether the current direction is still the same as originally planned. It is useful to look, especially over the years, when there is an annual record, there is something to compare.

Honestly, I check the results much more often, once inseveral months. But from the point of view of time management amateurs and goals, I’m doing it wrong in my head. And it’s necessary on paper and only this way. But I do not care. Although once a year, it’s really worth recording, all the more it will turn out a whole blog post and someone will be interested too.

The content of the article


First about work. Where do without it. When you do your favorite project, your brainchild, then basically you set all the goals in your work. At least in my case.

  • Managed to make in the beginning of 2017 a grandfor me, travel to 8 resorts in Thailand and collect information for the year ahead. It is a pity and did not sit down to write an epic report, but I will do it next time. The most important thing is that at that time it turned out to be imbued with the atmosphere of the resorts, in order to understand where it is worth going and for what. It is very necessary for me to work. Now here I am going to Tai again, but I don’t even know where to go, I was everywhere.
  • It's very cool that the blog is developing, more and more it turns into a useful resource by which you can fully prepare for a trip to Thailand. Made not only Thailand travel guidebut also guides to Phuket. Krabi, and on Samui, Panganu and Pattaya are 70% ready.
  • There are already decorated thoughts to expand the direction of travel (for example Prague). But for this you need to hire people, because it is impossible to master such a volume alone. The job offer is not ready yet, but we will have to start trying to collect our staff. Nobody wants?
  • And I am glad that my interest in the project is still notfaded away The first time in my life is. When I started, I was afraid that it would be as usual - 1-2 years and it went to hell. This is not the case now, although all sorts of 3-5-7 year cycles have passed there. True, my work is changing almost every year, changing the approach, the organization of processes and so on.
  • By the little things. Having already left for 2 trips with a small Canon G7m2 camera, which is not a mirror camera, but not even a mirrorless camera, I realized that the future had already come and there was no need to carry bulky equipment with me. But in principle, you can even shoot on the phone. Of course, we are not talking about photo shoots or advertising street banners, but about travel reports is quite enough. So minimizing things travelers is in full swing, which is convenient.
  • But not everything is as chocolate as I described above, it was not without cons. There is a problem with skis that haunts me all my life.

  • Attempts to develop Instagram have failed. No, I did not have a goal to monetize it, but I had a goal to try to recruit subscribers with knowledge. Type work or not. I read articles, bought a couple of courses, tried several services, targeting, but something does not go skiing. Actually, the goal is not fulfilled. And such experience could be useful for work as a whole, our marketing and audience understanding is all.
  • Skis also do not go in business. No, everything is evolving, but I am so stupid in general, I am amazed. Maybe I just didn’t have enough for Insta just five more years? :) See how others do things like thatnot for 1-2 years, and I have been waking for 7 years now. No, there are a lot of those who did not succeed at all, but it is necessary to strive for the best. On the other hand, sometimes I tell myself, dude, relax already, how much you can strive for efficiency, well, accept that you brake and calm down, because everything turns out all the same.
  • Recently, work in hotels and hotels generally inspire

    Recently, work in hotels and hotels generally inspire


  • Finally years later it turned out to give birth to move. And not just a move, but a whole emigration. Well, repatriation, but now they will begin to correct me. Although for me it is still emigration, because if you look at the definition of a term, then this is a change of the country in full, and not wintering, not just a long-term residence somewhere. Emigration implies, albeit not burning bridges, but full dragging not only your ass into another geography, but also all the junk accumulated over life, both physical and mental, followed by concrete arrangement of life in a new country and assimilation.
  • And though for me Israel is not the lastpoint in the long run, maybe in retirement I'll go to Tai to sunbathe under a palm tree, but this is a very cool and rewarding experience when you just moved. I do not know if you will understand, but the feelings are not at all like when I went somewhere to live for a long time. Somehow, the attitude to everything around what is happening is changing, when I moved, you already take everything into your account, and the thought flashes in your head - it will always be like that. That is all the pros and cons - forever. And sometimes there is a revaluation of all that was before. I have become much better towards Moscow than before.
  • Fad about my son Egor. He is definitely better here now: the climate and less clothes most of the year (this is important), some kind of sea air and the opportunity to swim for several months a year, the sun, too, all year round. The process of preparing the operation for the implantation of the second ear has begun. It’s cool, even though we’ve been stupid for a long time, didn’t dare, of course, we should start in Russia earlier, so that the gap after the operation on the first ear would not be so big.
  • View from the window in Israel. An interesting experience.

    View from the window in Israel. An interesting experience.


    Honestly, it will not be possible to sum up, as I did almost nothing of what was planned, except trips to Prague. Refers to travel not for work inAs a business trip, everything is ok, but rather new countries to expand the traveler’s outlook and gain new experience. Not so long ago, I realized that it is very important not to close on one Thailand, otherwise you start to think too narrowly. And new ideas are not born, and inspiration does not come. In 2017, he planned to make short trips for a week, but he never made it. Therefore, below are not the results, but approximate plans for 2018.

  • I want to go to Singapore for a few days. Naturally, it will be necessary to combine with a trip to Tai, Singapore alone is unprofitable to fly. And let it be at this point - I want to visit Thailand in the summer, I have never seen it that way.
  • Next to Israel is Europe and ticketscheap there, so I plan to visit Prague again, only summer already, and most likely a car ride around the Czech Republic, fly to Budapest, and have thoughts to visit Amsterdam. It seems nothing special, but still pulls into these places. Oh yes, Cyprus is still, it's only an hour of summer.
  • And right recently, the thought crept in on RedGlade, try to get on a snowboard, in a pinch on the alpine skiing. I know that everything is expensive there, sort of like, but this is also a reason for a trip to check. I will be glad to the company, or the same newcomers (we will study together), or advanced ones to hang out together at least in the evening (in the afternoon hardly anyone will mess with the pro). So write, January-February, I can quite go.
  • Especially I do not plan a lot, but with my speed, at least in time to catch it.

    Another plan is to try other classes on airplanes.

    Another plan is to try other classes on airplanes.

    P.S. Actually, that's all. Briefly, but in the case. How are you with the results? Fail or not? What was 2017 for you?

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