The work of a blogger is useful and necessary - I dispel another myth!

Occasionally I receive comments from people who are apparently distant from blogging and who do not know what this activity is. I already wrote about this post - Blogging is work. So some still consider thisactivity is absolutely useless! Although they themselves, for sure, use the Internet and sites. It would even be interesting to conduct an experiment - well, if you think so, then don’t go to sites at all, don’t go to blogs, search engines and social networks. It’s not all these resources themselves that appeared, because specific people also created them, support and develop them, and this is their work.

The content of the article


10 years ago I still could not find for myselfsuch work, so that it immediately combines 3 points: like, use, money. All the time there were only two points. But I really wanted my activity not only to be liked, but also useful for other people. Because finding something that generally makes me happy, but only I need it, is much easier. Or, on the contrary, there are a lot of necessary altruistic directions that are very necessary, but you will quickly stretch your legs.

Therefore, money also played a significant role,because you want you do not want, but you need to eat something and the family also needs to be maintained. Actually, that's why from the very beginning I was planning to monetize a blog. And I really liked the idea that the blog itself is free, I don’t want to read it, but the earnings will be on affiliate programs and on clicks on advertising, that is, it will not kill anything from the visitor.

Workplace is always with you.

Workplace is always with you.

Blogging has become exactly the combination whereIt turned out all 3 points I needed. I'm not sure that if you remove one of them, then I would be able to do this for a long time. More than once the idea arose to make the site purely for earnings, and I even did it, but for a long time I don’t have enough, I stop doing it, since it is in fact useless. Well, that is, it has information, but it is in such a form that it is a pure business.

So useful blogs or not?

In the modern world, information is sold andIt is bought, and it became very difficult to live without this information. If a person does not go to the woods to live a hermit, then he uses at least some Internet resources, whatever one may say. And to say that the blog is useless, and the portal is useful, wrong. If you found information on a blog, then all, consider this a useful resource, in whatever format it would be made. And for some of the sights there are the labor hours of a specific person: the writings themselves, the collection of information on the spot and photographing, technical support of the site and so on. By and large, it even costs money, because no one has a question when buying a guidebook in a bookstore.

And then there is the entertainment content. Philosophical articles, interesting personal experience, just beautiful photos from travels, travel reports. Yes, yes, everyone needs to rest and have fun after work.

Thus, by definition, websites / blogs,containing content claimed by someone cannot be useless. And the more articles you need, the more benefits. Moreover, it is not necessary that information or experience be directly unique, sometimes simply enough to competently and structuredly present all the material and aggregate it. After all, the flow of information is huge and it can take a lot of time to sift out useful information. And time, as you know, is money. Found info => read => saved time / money => use.

In any case, completely useless, probably, and not, if someone needs work, then it is not useless. Perhaps only the work of any currency speculators, when money is made out of thin air, is not only useless, but also harmful. What do you think?

Reviews of my work

While still a bloody blogger, I reactedin general, for all comments, and sometimes I even doubted, and if I did not invent myself, that someone else needed my work. And you know, even though we have a small audience (mostly people come, receive info and leave), that is, the benefit may not be very noticeable, but when I receive comments like the ones below (copied the latest ones), you immediately realize that is not done in vain. Especially, I am glad that we need reports from rehabilitation centers, where we were, because just for them there is sometimes a lack of information or it is in an inconvenient forum format.

I read about rehabilitation in China before, and it exists in our city, but classes are much more expensive. We went and we liked it.

It is a pleasure to read you! Thank you so much for the wealth of useful information! You are so cool everything is laid out on the shelves! In general, no one of the parents of special children is structured in this way. In order to make up your own idea about something, and even learn about the prices and conditions, before you decide, you usually have to shovel forums for days! From that your blog is especially useful! Information is invaluable! Thank you for your work!

Across Thailand reviews, of course, much more. Taki long been engaged in this topic. My info is non-unique, yes, but it is tested, structured, and assembled in one place.

Oleg, at the beginning of March they returned from a large-scale trip around Thailand: we drove 2,500 km by car and, to see Sukhothai, I had to make a detour 1000 km (there and back) by train, bus.

First of all, I want to say thanks again: Your photos have sunk into the heart so much that they didn’t want to throw the park out of the route’s route (it is away from the main path)! Sukhothai is one of the most impressive places we have seen in Thailand!

Secondly, focusing on your reports onThe outskirts of Hua Hin have visited Black Babishch, the Great Ushastik, the Black Monk, the observation platform Khao Daeng and the cave Phraya Nakhon Cave. Thank you so much for a tip! :) Everywhere very much !!! Without words, hits are a cave and an observation deck.

In general, so that you know - your works are not in vain. And people "discover Thailand" in your footsteps! :) Good luck!

Guys, bloggers, you also get similar comments, I see them on your pages. So, after such reviews, can blogs be considered useless? :)

P.S. Post - support for novice bloggers who may be too close to accept various comments. Our work is needed!

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