Klong Muang beach - a quiet corner for senior citizens in Krabi

Klong Muang, is a quiet, deserted beach with no infrastructure, some distance from Ao Nanga. There is a small village here, but there is little in it, you will have to go to Ao Nang to a pharmacy or a bank. However, for almost all the rest - too.

But here are several expensive beach resorts, where mostly retirees and families with children rest. The sea is shallow by the beach and children are very comfortable to swim in it.

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Beach description

The beach consists of two parts - the southern andnorth, and in the middle - a small island right next to the shore. In the northwest, the beach ends at a pier. Further north is Tab Kaek beach. The southern part of the beach is completely deserted.

Sunset, depth and waves

The sand on the beach is light with a yellow tinge. Sunset on the beach on the beach is very smooth, quite small near the coast, you need to walk a few tens of meters to the depth. In addition, this beach has strong ebb tides, during which the water goes very far into the sea and it can be seen that there are stones at the bottom, from very small placers to large boulders.

They are found in some places and not sharp, halfburied in the sand, so that the dangers when bathing do not represent. You can also walk along the coast and look for sites where the entrance to the sea is practically without stones.

In general, the beach is very convenient for bathing children. The water in the sea and the sand is clean. Since there are several expensive resorts on the beach, they are well watched and cleaned up.

Sun beds and shade

Along the beach, palm trees grow in places, in some placesdeciduous tropical trees, and there is a strip of high casuarin. These trees look like conifers and give good shade during the day. There is no infrastructure on the beach, only a couple of beach cafes with bamboo chairs in the shade of trees.

Since there are no sun beds with umbrellas for rent,travelers will have to use the natural shade of the trees. Guests of beach hotels, of course, can sunbathe on hotel lounges with umbrellas, which are usually located slightly in the depths of the beach.

Beach photo

central part

Right part



Left side


There is no nightlife on the beach, just likespecial infrastructure. Just a couple of shops, a couple of cafes on the beach and in the village, a couple of travel agencies and massage parlors. One of the nicest places on the beach is the small beach cafe Sunset Bar.

However, resorts in Thailand are developingrapidly, so maybe soon the beach will have a standard tourist infrastructure with a full range of entertainment. But then this place will lose its charm of a quiet village beach without people. There are bike rentals and an ATM.

Houses and hotels on the beach

Sea sun bungalow

. In the village near the beach there are only a few budget guesthouses (they are located in the village and not on the first line from the sea) and several large beach hotels.

Of the expensive resorts on the beach in the first place can be called Dusit Thani Krabi Beach Resort

in the southern part of the beach, and closer to the pier: Hotel Sofitel

and Bliss Resort


But I would not advise settling on the right side.the beach. In my opinion, the beach is worse there, and there is a road along the beach along which cars drive and dust. In the left part of the beach, on the contrary, there is complete silence and tranquility, because it is for them that they come here.

Monthly rent here is very hard to find, there are few options. There is literally one condominium, we lived in it for several days. The owners are different, so prices can also be different. In principle, in the area there are unpretentious rooms or houses, but still massively housing is only in Aonang.

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How to find the beach

The beach is 14 km from Ao Nang and drive there.the easiest way is by taxi or tuk-tuk. If you are in transport, then you can do it yourself. Drive along the Ao Nang promenade towards Nopparat Thara beach. Then the road goes along Nopparat Tara beach and turns from the sea inland right.

In a few minutes the way along this road will bePointer to Klong Muang - left. Then there are a few more signs, in the end, in front of Klong Muang beach, there will be another sign to the right - to Tubkaek beach. But to you straight, in a couple of minutes you will be on the spot. The entire journey from Ao Nang to Klong Muang usually takes a little more than 15 minutes.

Beach map

Map of Klong Mueang Beach

Map of Klong Mueang Beach:

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