Liberec Botanical Garden - all-season beauty

Liberec Botanical Garden takes about 3.5square kilometers on which 10 pavilions are built for universal access. And an additional 1.5 square meters. kilometers occupy 9 greenhouses where only people of science are allowed. If you look at all this farming from the height of the drone, you will see two huge glass squares consisting of greenhouses and greenhouses, closely adjacent to each other - during the inspection you will not have to go out.

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Liberec Botanical Garden

In winter, the garden is shorter than in summerperiod. There is absolutely nothing to watch on the street, but inside it is cool, you can walk in a circle from door to door. A lot of cacti, a couple of tropical gardens where it is hot and humidity under 100%, the camera instantly sweat.

In addition to the actual plants, there are pavilionswith the inhabitants of the underwater world, with birds, insects and reptiles, and in one place even imitated a waterfall. Only 14 botanical themes, divided by climatic zones. Some expositions do not have a permanent residence permit and change, which allows you not to be bored at each of your visits.

The garden is very well maintained, and INow I am talking about the pavilions themselves, and about the territory around them: there is a neat, bright park with walkways and benches here. Of course, in the summer it is more interesting here than in the winter, but even in my arrival there was enough color, unlike the Russian winter.

Perfectly suitable place not only forfans of nerds, but also for any person to whom natural beauty is not alien, albeit in glass walls. Here you can come to rest even with children - they will be interested. And after the walk, there is something to do here: a small cafeteria where you can refresh yourself before leaving for the city.

Motorists warn that becausethe popularity of the sights should not be particularly relied on easy parking nearby - the streets are narrow, the private sector, their cars enough. But you can easily get here by public transport.

I was delighted. I was a botanist only in childhood, and botanical gardens are still very popular, as well as my passion for nature. After the garden of Liberec, there was an aftertaste of Asia left, as I went to Thailand: this jungle smell and delicious moist air that you can’t confuse with anything.

Liberec Botanical Garden

Liberec Botanical Garden

Historical reference

I traditionally searched the web for information about this.landmark, but an amazing thing: the Liberec Botanical Garden has existed for over 120 years, and there is nothing interesting about it even on the official website. Who, when, for what means, the solemn launch date - all this is silent, except for the vague information that the garden was made by private collectors.

If you have any interesting information - waiting for you in the comments.

Information to visit

Open daily, but in summer, opening hours are from 8:00 to 18:00, and in winter from 8:00 to 16:00.

Entry fee:
School children - 70 kroons (preschoolers - free)
Adults - 140 CZK
Family ticket - 320 CZK

Take a bus to the stop Botanicka zahrada.

On the map

Liberec Botanical Garden

Liberec Botanical Garden
A good zoo with clean, well-groomed animals. An excellent place for walking with children, quite friendly and clearly motivated staff.
More about the park.

A good zoo with clean, well-groomed animals. An excellent place for walking with children, quite friendly and clearly motivated staff. Read more about the park.

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