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Lonely beach (official name Hat Tha Nam) -a small pretty beach on the west coast of Koh Chang. It is located approximately in the middle of the island, immediately after Cai Bay, if you go from north to south. These two beaches are divided by a rather high hill with a couple of sharp turns, which need to be taken very carefully, especially for inexperienced drivers.

Lonely beach translates as "lonely beach" -he got such a romantic name when there was no good road yet and very few travelers traveled to it. Now from the pier to the beach there is an asphalt road, along which Sonthaus bus routes bring tourists to local hotels.

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Beach description

Lonely Beach is the second beach in Koh Chang,which I like the most (the first is White Sand). Small, about 500 meters. It is divided into two halves by a small river, through which a pedestrian bridge is thrown. If you stand near the river facing the sea, on the right half of Lonely Beach there is an excellent sandy beach, and there are no stones on the left half of the beach at all.

On the right side there are more or less solid.resorts (almost all on the first line), but with services not everything. But on the left is the village, where all entertainment, services, as well as cheap hotels and guesthouses are concentrated.

You can get to the village on the main roadthe road or the path that goes near the water. Go for 10 minutes. Since the coast in the village is rocky, there is nowhere to swim (consider this), but you can sit in various cafes.

I think Lonely Beach is best forrecreation of young people who are looking for affordable housing, beautiful places and fun parties. They just need to settle on the left side of the beach. For a quiet holiday, hotels will be suitable only aside from party places, that is, on the right side.

Sunset, depth and waves

Lonley Beach's greatest advantage isdepth. 2-3 meters from the coast - it will be already on the neck. Even at low tide in Lonely, you can swim, but you have to go far away. It is worth remembering that in windy weather, there will be a beautiful show with high waves - the depth has a reverse direction.

Second plus: despite the fact that the beach itself is very good, there are not so many people here. Apparently, the majority of holidaymakers live on White Senda, on Klong Prao and on the rest of the more popular beaches.

Since Lonley is at some distance frompromoted places, here most often just come to rest for a while, but do not plan to settle for the entire term. By the way, "lonely" in English means "lonely" - so it really is. Beautiful, lonely beach with a very small village.

Sun beds and shade

There are sun beds and umbrellas, but a little. Located near resorts and belong to them.

There is a shadow on the stretch of sandy beach, butselectively - in those places where trees grow. The strip of sand becomes wider to the right and in the same place at the right end the beach has the most trees. Well, and you know, the west coast - the shadow here only happens until lunchtime, then the sun is at its zenith and the rest of the day shines right in your face.

Lonely Beach photo

Sandy beach, right end

Lonely Beach on Koh Chang

Lonely Beach on Koh Chang

Sandy beach, to the left

Lonely Beach on Koh Chang

Lonely Beach on Koh Chang

Tide depth

Tide depth

Stony part


In the village there are many options for affordable housing, there istravel agencies, ATMs, massage and tattoo parlors. There are no large supermarkets around Lonely beach, but you can buy everything you need on vacation - there are shops with bright summer things, fruit trays and food tai-shops.

Including mini-market with a bookmark for 7-eleven. Lonely Beach’s own infrastructure is rather limited, and something serious in terms of purchases is left to White Send and Klong Prao.

The village on Lonely Beach - a party place, herea lot of institutions in the style of Rastafaray, made of wood, koryag, boards, with palm roofs and these are all the attributes of island subjects. Cafes and bars come to life in the evening - in some they show films, in others live music plays, in the third there is a disco.

But unlike Walking street in Pattaya hereThere are no go-go bars, transvestite shows and numerous “bored” girls. Therefore, young people, backpackers and informals go to Lonely Beach. By the way, on the beach, sometimes there are also parties with a fire show and dancing on the sand.

When lying on the beach and swim tired, you canrent a kayak and swim along the coast or swim to small islands. The beach itself is not rich in the underwater world, but any travel agency will gladly sell you a tour of the islands near Koh Chang, where there will be beautiful beaches, clear water, and fish.

Another option for outdoor activities - Treetop Adventure Parklocated not far from here. In a park on trees at some height, platforms are located, moving between them is necessary along rope ladders, ropes, suspended bridges, with the help of a bungee and other interesting ways.

Hotels on the beach

The fun in the village goes on well past midnightso if you settled in one of the bungalows nearby, get ready to enjoy nightly concerts and loud music. Lovers of restful sleep is better to look at the hotels a little to the side - either in the rightmost part of Lonely, where expensive resorts, or, conversely, further left to the side of Bailan beach. It takes about 20 minutes to get to Balian on the way. There are also lodgings around it - from cheap bungalows to expensive hotels, but the beach is small and almost all rocky.

If you look for housing directly at the water, then the choice will be small. Right From the End, Siam Beach Resort Luxury Hotels

Nature beach

, Bhumiyama Beach Resort


Separately, I must say about Siam Beach Resort. His rating is low, because the interior is badly shabby, but it seems like the Thais are slowly making repairs and getting better. I stayed at Bhumiyama Beach Resort, this is the only 4-star hotel on the island, it was interesting to check. Here is my review.

To expand the choice, you need to look for housing notcoast, and in the village near the left rocky part of the beach, where, unlike the right side, there is not one line of housing, and not two, but much more. Cafe on the beach is also a bit - it is restaurants in hotels and a cafe-bar with a swimming pool near the Siam Hut bungalows.

There are no houses for rent on Lonli, as, however, almost all over Ko Chang.

Hotels in Koh Chang>

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For example, here are direct links to the hotels listed above:

How to find the beach

You can drive to Lonley from the same White Senda, but you can initially stop yourself here, and there are options for settling in the expensive resort on the first line, and in chip guesthouses in the village.

You can walk to the sandy beach through Siam Beach Resort - This is the beginning of the right half of the sandy area. The hotel has a large parking lot where you can leave the bike. Then there will be a long wall and a road fence along the road almost to the Siam hut bungalows and a cafe on the shore, and a little further there will be a wide, straight turn to the shore (recently made). This road is essentially and separates the stone and sandy beach. Pointers to the sea are on the road, so it will be difficult to get lost.

Near Siam Beach Resort

Road sign

Road sign

Parking for Siam Beach Resort

Parking for Siam Beach Resort

Turn to Siam Hut

The road separating the sandy and stone beach

Pointer to the beach

Pointer to the beach

Turn to shore

Turn to shore

To explore other beaches andattractions of the island, it is better to rent a motorbike. This is easy to do in one of the local rentals, but the trip itself can be quite difficult, especially for a beginner. Koh Chang is not a good place for novice drivers - constant descents and ascents, combined with sharp turns, make driving dangerous. And one of the most difficult turns is just at the entrance to Lonely beach. So, if there is no self-reliance, it is better to use the services of the songtea or buy a tour of the island.


Lonely Beach on the map

Lonely Beach

Lonely Beach
One of the best beaches on Koh Chang, thanks to the beach itself, as well as the peculiar atmosphere. To many, he is a bit like Pie because of this.
Read about the beach.

Lonely Beach on Koh Chang

One of the best beaches on Koh Chang, thanks to the beach itself, as well as the peculiar atmosphere. To many, he is a bit like Pie because of this. Read about the beach.

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