Maenam Beach - family corner of the island

Beach Mae Nam (Mae Nam) our compatriotsThey write differently: Maenam, Maenam, Mae-Nam, Mae Nam, but most people pronounce this word equally wrongly - “Maenam”, but we should say “Menam”. The toponym of the beach was assigned to it by the name of the village of the same name Ban Mae Nam, which is located along the ring road on this stretch of Koh Samui.

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Beach description

If you do not much to find fault with the differences insand grain and the presence of vegetation on the beach - the beach is equally good along its entire length. Only in the east it becomes almost twice as wide as everywhere else. On Maenam, as on Lamae - the sand is very loose and surprisingly similar tosugar, only golden yellow. The sand is soft, lies in small sand dunes, and you just won't run barefoot over it, because your feet are buried in it ankle-deep.

Cleanliness on the beach is maintained almost everywhere, with the exception of three wild sites:

  • on the eastern end of the beach near an abandoned resort;
  • in the middle, next to the Buddha Beach, where the suspended construction also stands;
  • on the westernmost edge of the beach, near the Black Rose Bar.

On the days when the sea is stormy, you can meet sea litter in a small amount on the beach, but the next morning after the Thai holiday Loi Kratong it’s better not to go out on the sand without shoes.

The fact is that one of the actions of the holidayis the mass launch into the water of self-made boats with candles, incense and food. And the boats are made from palm leaves, bamboo and pins, which very quickly fall apart, once in the open sea. By the morning the whole shore Bang Raka. Bo puta and Mae Nama mined with leaves, with needles sticking out of them.

Maenam is a popular beach. From May to December, it is as deserted as all the beaches of Koh Samui during the low season, but from December to May there are really a lot of people here. People, of course, do not sit with each other on their heads, but it will be comfortable to retire only in wild areas.

There are three mouths of stinkers on Maenam, so when choosing housing you have to take a walk to the sea and make sure that you are not lucky enough to get close to one of them.

In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a short overview of all the beaches of Samui, will help you decide on the choice of the beach.

Sunset, depth and waves

Maenam is one of the few beaches whose qualitydoes not change with the onset of low tide. This is one of the reasons for its popularity. The sea goes to five to seven meters, leaving people leveled sand under palm trees. The slope of the coast here is quite steep, the depth along the chest will be already five meters from the water's edge.

There are no stones and coral fragments on Mae-Nama,The entrance to the water is clean and comfortable, smooth, without surprises. Waves happen in the rainy season, strong enough, serious. With a good wind, the sea gets right to the roots of the first row of palm trees, gradually undermining them.

It is better for children to purchase inflatable sleeves in advance and you should not let them go far away from you. Especially in the evening, when marine animals begin to swim to the shore.

Sun beds and shade

From the east Maenama to the pier Lomprayah, coastIt is a palm grove, under which there is a lot of natural shade. This is another reason for the high popularity of Maenam with holidaymakers with children. It's a big deal when kids have a lot of space for activity, and not a sad patch under an umbrella.

Sun beds are in front of hotels, but they are only fortheir own, but on Buddha Beach there is a bar, near which there are about a dozen bamboo arbors. In this place you can sunbathe and order a cocktail. In general, I recommend this place, because the atmosphere of the old island is impressive there and there are almost no compatriots.

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Unlike the forever non-sleeping Chaweng, the main life on Maename subsides withthe onset of darkness. Most of the establishments and shops are closed, only cafes, restaurants and shopping malls operate. Just take it, and go out for a walk at night on Mae Nam will not work. Dark and boring.

But here there are all the amenities and services of the island.Samui Banks, ATMs, laundries, equipment rentals, auto and moto services, gas stations, markets, night markets, cafes, restaurants, water mats, water pumping stations, tai-shops and large household stores, furniture and leather workshops - everything is on Maenam. And this also makes it attractive to many.

On the beach there are free-standing bars, but mostly they are located on the territory of hotels. There are rental kayaks and jet skis, but not in the quantities as on Chaweng and Lamaiprobably affects the family nature of the beach.

From nearby attractions:

  • Chinese temple at Ban Mae Nam;
  • Secret Falls Falls;
  • pagoda on the rock, the most western edge of the beach, overlooking Mae Nam;
  • the Maenam-Lamai road, which starts at Soi Maenam1 and crosses the island in the middle to Lamai itself;
  • golf Club.

Houses and hotels on the beach

The first line is occupied by large hotels and expensive resorts. The most famous hotel is the W-Retreat Koh Samui.

with its fenced beach and beach infrastructure. It is located in the east, on the border between Bo putom and Maenam.

In the immediate vicinity of the sea you can also find simple houses and bungalows: Shangrilah Bungalow

with a clean green area and small huts Palm Point Village

. For those who love big hotels, Thiptara Resort is suitable: a nice clean hotel with a green landscaped area.

Along the whole beach there is a mass of houses for rent, both inside the Ring and beyond. For every taste, from concrete rooms at 3,000 baht per month to luxury villas on the mountainside.

Hotels in Maename>

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How to find the beach

Passage to the beach Mae Nam is not limited, you canturn off to any street leading to the sea. The borders of Maenam are considered to be Buddhist gates, beyond which begins the road to Lompraya Pier and the Family Mart convenience store (on the left side of the village). And Family Mart is on the main road, near which hangs a banner with the name of the school Theeparatpittaya School, under it the road to W-Retreat Samui begins.

Beach map

Maenam Beach Map

Map of Maenam Beach:

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