Beach Natien (Na Thien Beach) - shallow water, uninhabited, sunrises

In the southeastern part of the island there are two beaches, which are sometimes confused with each other, or they are completely joined together, omitting one of the names. These are the beaches of Natien (Na Thien) and the beach Laem set (Laem Set).

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Beach description

Na Tien beach begins in the west with a huge rock, next to which is built a house belonging to the hotel Laem Set Beachfront Villa. Then the beach passes by Centara Villas Samui

Beach Natien (Na Thien Beach) - shallow water, uninhabited, sunrises

and ends with a beautiful curve of the coast, which rests on the island of Na Thien (Na Thien).

The length of the beach Natien - 500 meters with a small,width from 10 to 15 meters, approximately in the middle of the beach is divided by a bunch of cobblestones and small rocks that go 20 meters into the sea. The consistency of the sand is very fine, grayish in color with a mixture of large yellow and a mass of stones and corals in the water.

The beach is located on a separate part of the island,where not so easy to build buildings. On the shore there is only one hotel and one small resort, so the cleanliness on the beach is maintained partially and periodically.

In general, the impression of uninhabited and wildness remains from Natyen. In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a short overview of all the beaches of Samui, will help you decide on the choice of the beach.

Sunset, depth and waves

Sunset in the water all over the beach Natyenhampered by stones. There are no areas free from boulders and large stones on the beach. With the ebb, the next hundred meters of the sea become one big puddle, and to the depth you will have to walk in special shoes about twenty meters.

Along all Natyen dug a canal for boats,which can be used for swimming. The beach is far from ideal for relaxing with the kids, although older guys will be interested in digging into the sea pool.

Because of the shallow water, there is no problem on Natyenwaves, they are only under severe weather. And the more remarkable Natien - there are never a lot of people. The entrance to it is almost imperceptible, the sea is unwelcoming, travel agencies do not advertise it, so people on the beach are guests of the Center Hotel.

And there are not so many of them. Shallow water is more than compensated by the purity of the water and landscapes, one of the most charming and peaceful on Samui. With high water, the sea rises to the very edge of the coast, leaving a three-meter strip of sand for walks.

Sun beds and shade

There is still a wasteland on Natyen Beach, and youcan drive to the water for a wild getaway. And you are unlikely to be allowed into the hotel for more than five minutes, and there is no point in this, if there is a public road. No lounges for rent and other beach joys, only sand and sun, only hardcore.

But unlike the neighboring Laem SethNateen is full of trees, sources of natural shadow. For independent recreation, you will only need a beach mat and a bottle of water, you do not need to take an umbrella with you.

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On the beach there is no rental of beach pleasures.such as air mattresses, kites and kayaks. The area around Natyen is very isolated, it is located on low mountains and represents one large green spot of the jungle, which becomes more or less populated closer to Bang Kao.

About 5-10 longtail fishing boats are constantly parked near the shore. There are no shops within a radius of two kilometers. The nearest mini market is located in Hua Tanone, and the nearest hypermarket is located on Lamai 10 km to the north, it is about 30 minutes by car.

Local Attractions Nearby Natyen:

But on the beach Natien there is a bar-restaurant Cool Bar, with an authentic island atmosphere, with bamboo furniture.

Houses and hotels on the beach

On the beach, on the beach Natien there is only one hotel - Centara Villas Samui

Beach Natien (Na Thien Beach) - shallow water, uninhabited, sunrises

, one dilapidated hotel and the rest of the coast is a wasteland with palm trees and a lonely resort near the island of Na Thien. A more varied selection of rental homes starts closer to the beach area. On Hai.

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Hotels near Natyen>

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Beach Natien (Na Thien Beach) - shallow water, uninhabited, sunrises

How to find the beach

In order to get to the beach near the hotel Centara Villas Samui

Beach Natien (Na Thien Beach) - shallow water, uninhabited, sunrises

, you need to turn off the ring road onto the road number 4170 near Hua Thanonaand follow the signs for Butterfly Garden(Butterfly Garden). Before reaching the garden of butterflies, in the direction of travel there will be a ramp to the dirt road, where the advertising poster Cool Bar & Restaurant hangs, you go there. This is the only free access to the beach Naten.


Beach map

Natien Beach Map

Map of Natien Beach:

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