Nopparat Thara Beach in Krabi - Ao Nang's less tourist neighbor

Picturesque, quiet and quite extended, Nopparat Tara is located next to the most popular beach in this area - Ao Nang. The farther away from Ao Nang, the less civilizationon the beach. In the end, it completely fades away. At the far end of Ao Nang, the beach ends with a beautiful casuarin grove and boat pier at the confluence of the river into the sea.

The beach is in the national park.Hat Noppharat Thara, but is available absolutely free to anyone. However, there are not very many tourists on the beach, it is much less popular than neighboring Ao Nang. So it is quite possible to enjoy solitude here (but not on weekends when Thais come here for a picnic and specifically litter).

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Beach description

That part of the beach that is adjacent to Ao Nang,infrastructure is more developed. There are several large expensive hotels, cafes for tourists and entertainment. There is a road along the beach, and between it and the sand a narrow strip of trees, a footpath and a concrete fence are a favorite place for local Thais, especially on weekends.

Toward the end of the beach (if going from Ao Nang)the strip between the road and the sea is expanding and there is already a real casuarin forest (national park). The beach is not very clean, albeit picturesque in itself, albeit not a bounty at all. Usually, after all, most go to Ao Nang Beach, it is more beautiful.

Sunset, depth and waves

In the part of the beach where it adjoins Ao Nang,the sea is very shallow, knee-deep. On the one hand, children swim comfortably. On the other - here, as well as on the neighboring beaches, there are strong ebbs, during which the water goes so far that you can not even think about bathing. The bottom of the sea at low tide is a bit silty, many crabs and small pebbles. The sand on the beach is light gray and yellow.

In the farthest from Ao Nanga end of the beach, where in the seathe river flows in, the sea is deeper. It is best to come here, podgadyvaya time on the table tides. We did that, otherwise at first it was like this - you come, but there is no sea, we had to go back home. We chose for ourselves about the middle of the beach, there is where to park the car, relatively clean, few people, far from the river.

Sun beds and shade

Lots of natural shade from trees on everythingthroughout the beach. But the shadow is only before dinner. From time to time benches also come across throughout the beach. Further to the pier along the beach, high casuarinas grow, there already begins nat. a park. Sun beds on the beach there.

Beach photo

Right part


Left side


Strong ebb


In the far end of Ao Nang beach (right side),where the boat dock is located, a picturesque sandy spit is issued far into the sea, along which you can walk. Especially far you can go to low tide. There are also several small rocks, overgrown with shrubs from above. There are practically no cafes and shops directly on the beach, if there are literally a couple of pieces.

But if you cross the road that runs along the beach, thenthere are a number of cafes, shops, lounges and stalls with all sorts of things — everything for the tourist. If you delve into the area, then there you will find 7-11 and a market near the mosque, which operates on some days.

Houses and hotels on the beach

Almost the only major beach resort here is Holiday Inn.

, it is located where the beach of Ao Nang turns intoNopparat Tara, across the road from the sea. There are hotels too, but they do not stand on the beach, but across the road from it, while being quite simple, of a bungal type. The main part of the hotel a little deeper.

Next to the Holiday Inn there is still one like it - All Seasons Beach Resort

. Around the middle of the beach there is a guesthouse with a good rating and not at all expensive - Massage Corner Guesthouse

. Now the area of ​​this beach is being developed and many construction projects started, so that in the future there will probably be more big resorts on the beach.

The main part of houses for rent monthlyis located in Ao Nang, but there are also houses in the Noporat Tara district. All of them are not quite within walking distance from the sea, the closest are 15 minutes on foot, but there are few of them.

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How to find the beach

The road along Ao Nang beach goes around the mountain and continues along Nopparat Thara beach, so finding this beach is easy.

Beach map

Nopparat Tara beach map

Map of Nopparat Thara Beach:

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