Popular resorts this year

Oddly enough, one of the most popularThis year's resorts is Cyprus. Cyprus is a beautiful museum under the open sky, so it’s not for nothing that tourists choose it. In Cyprus, you can immerse yourself in the history itself: the most beautiful Greek temples, the first Christian monasteries, the pagan theaters of the Romans, the Venetian walls and many other attractions. The wonderful climate, warm shores of the Mediterranean, hospitality and warmth of the locals made this resort the most popular in the world.


The island is relatively small and with carsit can be investigated in sufficient detail. To get acquainted with the culture and traditions of this island of Cyprus, this is a wonderful choice for any tourist. Here you can not only sunbathe on the beach, but also attend various excursions, go to Cyprus-style shows, attend discos. Also of great interest are the three-day cruises to Egypt and Israel.

Cyprus is becoming increasingly popular forlovers actively relax. The wonderful Mediterranean climate, geographical location and developed sports infrastructure, contribute to the venue for sports meetings. The most popular time for such fees is winter and off season. In Cyprus, you can combine both summer and winter sports. The combination of beaches, mountain slopes and hills attract cyclists, here you can practice this sport all year round. Very convenient is the fact that the tracks are designed for beginners as well as for real professionals.

Tours to Cyprus can everyone choose their liking andwinter and summer. Here everyone will find something to do. Guests can also enjoy horseback riding or riding donkey rides, walking, tennis, golf and other activities.

Tourists are also attracted by a variety of souvenirs.for every taste that they can bring to their families and friends. The most popular is Cypriot embroidery, the pleasure is not cheap, but of amazing beauty. Also in the souvenir shops you can find a variety of plates with the image of Cyprus. True wine lovers will not leave Cyprus visas without a bottle of wine in souvenir packaging. And for lovers to eat delicious, you can prepare an edible souvenir - this is the famous goat cheese.

Such simple things in principle make Cyprus one of the most popular resorts of visas every year.

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