The results of the competition "The most memorable journey."

Well, our competition has come to an end. Thank you for taking part in it. Frankly, choosing the winners was very, very difficult! Constantly came the idea that you need at least 10 prizes! We were pleased with the original ideas, interesting places, and beautiful and unusual style of presentation. All your works were worthy, but some were more memorable, nothing personal. I hope no one will be offended and I hope that everyone understands that it is quite difficult to make a completely objective contest, because the jury is also people and has its own preferences. In any case, you tried your hand, you may have found new readers, or you yourself have become the reader of the next blog, and this is the result. Personally, I have replenished my list of places where I would definitely like to go.

Thanks again to all of you. Participate in contests and win!

So, in order not to tire you with preludes, we announce the winners:

1 place is occupied by Miniput with the post “link does not exist” and receives $ 100

Ladybloger takes the 2nd place with the post In search of miracles - in the underground monastery and receives $ 50

3rd place is occupied by Koptelov Konstantin with an audio podcast (the link no longer exists) and receives $ 30

Winners contact me for prizes.

Audience Choice Award:

And at the request of one of the readers, let's arrangepoll for the audience award. Vote for yourself and ask your readers and friends to vote for you or for another member. One person (IP) - one voice.

The list of participants and their work can be found here: Final straight of the competition.

I will add a link to the audience award winner in this post in a week. And personally from me this person will receive 200 rubles.

UPD. Audience Award receives (link no longer exists).

Life hacking 1 - how to buy a good insurance

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