Splitting email subscriptions and a group in VK about Egor

Remember, I once talked about what I wantedto divide the blog into two parts, personal or travel? So, for a long time I thought about it very much, and as a result I came to a rather banal variant - to divide the subscription first and see what would come of it. And then decide whether to make a separate site or not. And just, if you divide the subscription, that is, the reader database, then you can send a post announcement from any domain to the newsletter.

In addition, we made a separate group inVkontakte Egor Life, dedicated to Egor and the theme of "Special Children". That is, this direction will be separated there. Accordingly, in the old group Blog Life-trip.ru will be broadcast all the other posts (Tai, travel, blogging, all sorts of thoughts). In RSS, LiveJournal, Facebook and Twitter everything will remain the same.

The content of the article

What for

In general, this idea has long been vital. Previously, we just traveled and lived for your pleasure, what is there to share something. But it all started with the appearance of Egor. It has become more than other topics that concern us, and now it is by no means travel, they have faded into the background. And if I once wanted to go round the whole of Asia and Europe, now I’m more concerned about other things, including constantly looking for options on how to live further with our situation (classes, countries, earnings, time, etc.).

Thus, as they say, they all mixed up in a bunch, but I simply do not have enough time for several sites on each of the topics. :) Therefore, I decided to separate the topic of “Special Children”,so as not to bother her with those whom she is not particularly interested. In my opinion, it will be much more convenient. Whoever wanted to read everything - he will be read by everyone who did not want to - he now has a choice. Moreover, we are going to write more often about Yegor, and this is somewhat inappropriate with the general newsletter.

Separation does not mean that articles aboutTravel (Thailand) will not, no. Where am I without trips, it will not be me at all. Especially since we are here, and we are going to go to China, we will sometimes visit Evpatoria and Tae, and they called us to Bali here ... Yes, some of the trips are connected with rehabilitation, but we will (we will) get out anyway this time in Poland, went to Slovakia and in Auschwitz concentration camp, and Daria to the concentration camp Majdanek.

But of course, we were not a travel blog with “daily round-the-world tours”, and we will not. Maybe later :) Especially if Daria will write more oftenEgor, then I will do more travel. In general, I would like it to lead this direction, but she has even less time than me, although I’m still not able to lay out the entire article about credit cards and deposit ladders, I’ve been promising for a long time.

How to subscribe

So, we are talking about email-mailing. Who is satisfied with the current mailing by mail, that you can do nothing, will work as before. Those who would like to receive letters only with announcements on selected topics, he needs to re-sign.

Сначала идите в ваш почтовый ящик и найдите последнее письмо с анонсом (оно приходит с адреса [email protected]). Нажмите там в самом конце на «unsubscribe now». Так вы отпишетесь от старой общей рассылки.

Then you need to go to our blog, click onthe red button "Subscribe" on the right top, and in the window that opens tick the selected topics. Then enter your email and follow the instructions. Do not forget to activate the subscription - you will receive a letter with this request. After that you will be subscribed to your favorite topics.



Group in VK about Egor

Separately, they also created a group about Yegor, wherethere will be posts about him and about everything related to special children. Since we got the most activity in VKontakte, there it had to be done first of all. I want to say right away that in this group we will organize a collection for rehabilitation a little later (that is, there will be such a thing), so the group is framed according to some rules (documents, photos from rehabilitation, etc.).

P.S. Something like this. All the news for today. Soon to Moscow and there to think where we are going next.

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