Edward Benes Square - the main square Liberec

Previously, it was called Old Town Square, nowThis is Dr. Edward Benes Square. The square is central to Liberec in its historical significance and political status. It is a stone bag, without a park and without flower beds. Here you are met only with paving stones and old houses around the perimeter. And the small perimeter is a square of 50x50 meters, in the center of which there is a fountain.

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Liberec, Edward Benes Square

Until 1918, the city of Liberec was called Reichenberg,which unequivocally hints at the centuries-old predominance of the German community. Hence the influence of all German on the city, starting with architecture. Someone calls it similar to the Munich, for someone it is identical to the Viennese, which is not surprising - it is unlikely that the Germans would order the design of houses to the French.

From the north almost the entire width of the square is newCity Hall, the chic neo-renaissance building. With a bunch of turrets and bas-reliefs, which generally look more like some kind of cathedral, and not a government building for office clerks. Liberec Town Hall is so cool that I made a separate post for it.

In the west, the end of the cheapHotel Prague and facades of a couple of restaurants. In the south, behind the fountain - a few shops. East Square - a continuous row of shopping centers. On holidays, and especially on Christmas, the square turns into a beautiful, bright fair.

Liberec, Edward Benes Square

Liberec, Edward Benes Square

Historical reference

A separate story about the Benes Square onlineI found it, and a walk through Liberec was without a guide, so there was not a single little known fact that they like to share. Old Town Square used to be an ordinary retail space, in the center of which there was something wooden, from which people drew drinking water.

In the 19th century, the fountain was replaced with a new one, with a composition“Neptune on the Dolphin”, which after many historical passages and tribulations, underwent restoration and finally remained standing on the square in 2010.

Edward Benes was the second president of Czechoslovakia, who passed the Second World Head of State, being the president in exile.

Information to visit

Getting there by buses 12, 14, 23, 25, 26, 34, 36 to the stop Namesti Dr. E. Benese

On the map

Edward Benes Square

Edward Benes Square
The very center of the city. On the square stands the town hall - the main attraction of the city. On Christmas Eve, a Christmas market is broken on this square.
More about the area.

The very center of the city. On the square stands the town hall - the main attraction of the city. On Christmas Eve, a Christmas market is broken on this square. Read more about the square.

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