The symbol of Singapore and the observation deck - a lion with a fish tail

Almost every capital has its own uniquesymbol. Paris has the Eiffel Tower, London has the Big Ben, and in Moscow the Kremlin. Singapore also wanted to create a landmark, which will become a symbol of the city.

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Merlion is a symbol of Singapore

In English, “mer” is short for mermaid - mermaid, lion - lion. There are several legends about the emergence of the symbol of Singapore in the form of Merlion (found in the Merlion transcription).

The first legend tells about the first ruler.Singapore It says that when the future King of Singapore, Sang Neil, Utame set off on a journey by sea, he spotted an unusually white island. When he and his crew landed, he saw an unprecedented red beast with a black head. The beast was strong and fast. No one knew what kind of beast it was, but one old man said that, according to the description, the beast resembles a lion. Sang Neela Utame decided to stay on the island and founded his own state, which now bears the name "Singapore".

Perhaps this is just a legend, or maybe not: scientists discovered white sand in the south of the island, it is likely that this place was described in the legend.

The second legend tells of a terrible storm inocean, which could destroy the inhabitants of a small island. Suddenly, from the depths of the waves, a huge monster with a lion's head and the body of a fish rose, throwing sparks. It began the struggle with the elements and won. The storm subsided, and the inhabitants were saved. After this, the monster disappeared just as suddenly.

Both options are interesting, but doubtful, and therefore, we will never know the true story of the emergence of the symbol.

In 1972, the sculpture was installed Merlionnear the city of Singapore with the same name, opposite the Fullerton Hotel. Merlion - a creature in the body of a fish and with the head of a lion, is depicted with an open mouth from which water spills out. The weight of the sculpture is 70 tons, and the height is almost 9 meters. The lion is a symbol of strength and power, and the body of the fish is the connection of the sea element and land.

The lion is a symbol of Singapore and an observation deck

The lion is a symbol of Singapore and an observation deck

A total of 5 Merlion statues in Singapore, of whichtwo are most known: the first, on the embankment, and the second on the island of Sentosa. On the island rises a huge 37 meter Merlayon. The statue houses several observation platforms on the 9th and 12th floors, as well as a cinema, souvenir shop and a museum with the installation of the underwater world.

Passing inside the statue, you find yourself in a cave,decorated like an underwater world. If you walk along the corridor, you will find yourself in a small cinema, where you can watch a short cartoon in English. The film is just about one of the legends of the symbol of Singapore.

There are inside the statue and its reduced copy ingold color, making a wish, you can get a coin with the image of Merlion. Then you can climb to the lookout, which is located in the lion's mouth at the 9th floor height. And after that - to the very top: on the head of a lion to the height of the 12th floor. Back down the elevator.

If you come to Singapore, then I think you should see this place. Still, the symbol of the country.

Visit Information

Since this is an observation deck, the entrance to the insideMerlion will be paid. Adult ticket costs 18 SGD. Child ticket (from 4 to 12 years old) 15 SGD. There is a lookout from 10:00 to 20:00, but the last ticket can be bought until 19:30.

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Lion statue

Lion statue
The statue of a lion with a mermaid tail, is a symbol of Singapore. The statue is an observation deck and a cinema.
Learn more about the Singapore symbol

The statue of a lion with a mermaid tail, is a symbol of Singapore. The statue is an observation deck and a cinema. Learn more about the Singapore symbol

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