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The other day I remembered that in the middle of January 2010Year, I bought a domain and started to keep this blog on it, and a bit later my wife started helping me with this. And a little later in April, we took it and resigned and began to travel.

It turns out already a whole year has passed! Time has flown by so quickly. Permanent journeys, writing articles, reading millions of pages on SEO, wordpress and other site matters. Compared to previous years, when I was sitting in the office at work, there was no time to be bored, because the farther away, the more plans and the desire to do more and more.

What happened this year? Six months ago, I wrote a similar post, those who are interested can compare - The travel blog is half a year old.


Already 2011

Some blog related features

- TIC 30, PR1 - about half a year ago. (upd. a day after the publication of the article PR3 became!)

- Attendance dropped sharply at the end of summer atconnection with the end of the season, since we mainly had summer articles in Russia about the articles, and also because the structure of links on the blog changed and some pages were dropped from the index. Now the visitor jumps and is 600-700 unique.

- The number of readers has grown. How many I do not know :) The counter is shown 589, but I do not believe him, the numbers are constantly changing there. Plus, some people read us through Twitter, Facebook, and it’s impossible to understand the number of readers.

- The number of comments approached 3200, minus ours. This is a good indicator. Six months ago there were only 900 of them. There is a positive trend and it pleases.

- The number of posted posts on the blog - about160, of which 35 pieces are paid articles from the stock exchange (they are in a separate section, and readers are not particularly visible). This is probably the most important gap. Need to write more often. And then we are going somewhere, the blog is idle, as it was with our trip to Europe. After all, content rules the world. :)

What was done for promotion

In fact, there were only two effective pieces. This is the discovery of our faces in the post Just we. And how would downshifting and advertising in the ezine, after which 200 people signed up for us (hopefully, real ones).

I also bought some guards, ran a blog on a paid base of forums, where you can leave a link (if you need a base, then write in a personal), and something else on the little things.

We also brought the appearance of the blog in order. Well, at least in the kind that we like at the moment. Added a greeting to the header and the picture, our news from Twitter, the icons next to the headlines (info, photos, video) and changed the blog headings to more understandable. I hope usability has grown.

Earnings on the blog

This is the saddest episode. :) With earnings is not a lot. Contextual advertising brings rubles 400-500 per month, that the salary to name the language does not turn.

He sold a few guards from the blog, and postedpaid articles from the exchange, the situation is better here. However, everything earned was spent on the purchase of guards. Vicious circle. So many bloggers are coming in, but they have to sell profitably so that part of them remains, and part of them goes so that the puzomerki will not fall. Not a very interesting activity.

So far I have made conclusions for myself that it is difficult and inefficient to make money on a blog about traveling and context, and guards, so you need to look for other methods.


The most joyful episode :) We finally drove by car across Europe, and visited three countries at once. And after that, we went to spend the winter in Thailand, and learned what life is without winter!

I will not list all the trips for the whole year (about 10 countries), there are quite a lot of them, the whole chronology is on the About Us page.

So, at a minimum, the dream of traveling and visiting places of interest to us is realized! At least for the sake of it all was worth starting. When, if not now?

Our plans

Well, let's mix some gods))

For the time being we will continue in the same spirit - to winterin Thailand, occasionally choosing our quiet rhythm to different places, writing articles and taking photos. In a month we will go to paradise, that is, to the islands to the sea. In the spring we will return to Russia, and, probably, we will traditionally visit the Caucasus, and also, I would very much like to believe, we’ll get to Altai, but since 2009, he does not give me rest, everything is calling and calling.

And at all other times, of course, we will be engaged in a blog, continue to learn to make money on sites, and I hope we will launch new projects in the network.

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