Tours to Almeria, Spain

One of the warmest places in continental Europeis the Spanish southeast and is located here the historical region of Andalusia. The majority of tourists from different countries, including Russia, who choose tours to Spain in the fall, go to these very fertile places, which guarantee solar heat in the autumn months. And the most visited city in this area of ​​the country is Almeria - the capital of the province of the same name.

Almeria is a modern city with a population.about 190 thousand inhabitants, which is located on the Mediterranean coast, in a favorable climate zone, characterized by a stable warm, if not to say hot, and rather dry climate. It is estimated that the number of days in a year when the southern sun shines over this resort city reaches 340. And, of course, this unique circumstance simply cannot but attract many thousands of tourists from all over Europe to the army.

The natural landscapes of Andalusia combinethe azure freshness of the Mediterranean and the somewhat semi-desert landscape seem more suitable for the countries of the Middle East or North Africa. All along the coastline of this resort sea water is notable for amazing transparency. And the local sandy beaches, many of which have not yet fully mastered, of course, will please travelers with its virgin nature and purity.

Almeria is considered a relatively young resort,planned development of which is designed for the long term. If you take into account some of the natural features of the resort, the cost of services and well-organized service, then this resort center looks very attractive now. Although, of course, today among Russians, tours to the Costa del Sol without excursions are much more popular.

In the vicinity of Almeria there are many placeswhich will appeal to lovers of outdoor activities. Hiking, cycling or horseback riding, entertaining excursions in picturesque surroundings and familiarity with natural monuments will evoke in the soul of any traveler the most positive impressions. The coastal waters of Almeria are an ideal place for romantic yachts on the yacht and fascinating diving.

On the sunny beaches of the Spanish resort you canGet a great natural tan, and just really relax, forgetting about all the pressing problems. Among the main attractions of Almeria, it is worth noting the city's Cathedral, erected on the site of the Arab mosque El Medina, and the well-preserved complex of the ancient fortress Alcazaba. In the past troubled times, this building served as a defense of the city.

There are many other interesting places in the city,that should be visited by tourists, for example, in the monastery of San Domingo you can see the magnificent statue of the Blessed Virgin of the Sea, she is the patroness of Almeria. For thousands of guests who come annually to Almeria, comfortable conditions have been created for living, good rest, sports, health improvement of the body and just a pleasant pastime.

The city has many restaurants, bars andcafe, and in the evening the doors of nightclubs and discos, where you can have fun in a relaxed atmosphere. As in any Spanish city or on the island of Ibiza, rest in Almeria is simply impossible to imagine without the delicious dishes of the national Spanish cuisine, which perfectly combine piquancy and satiety. Leaving the hospitable resort, you will take away many pleasant memories!

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