What to do in Moscow at the weekend - try active entertainment

Since we now live in Russia, the question arosewhat to do in Moscow at the weekend and I decided to try all sorts of active entertainment in Moscow offered by this city. When we returned from Thailand, my friend immediately rushed to me joyfully talking about all sorts of coupon sites, where you can fly a balloon, go water-skiing or snowboarding at a discount of 30-70%. Probably now everyone knows about it, but then for me it was news. By the way, in many large cities these sites and coupons have already appeared, not only in the capital.

So, I zatar coupons different, I willtry what I’m interested in one by one. You look one more new hobby will appear. Well, the impression itself, because everything is for the first time. On these sites there are a lot of other discounts, such as spa and massages, car washes, tours to Turkey and shopping. But I do not need all this.

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What to do in Moscow at the weekend

What to do in Moscow at the weekend

What to do in Moscow at the weekend

The list will be updated as they appear.interesting actions, well, or understanding that I want to learn something else. As the implementation of an event I will write about it on the blog. If suddenly there is no coupon, you will have to try without it. I hope to manage this month, so that the blog :)

Where to get coupons

If suddenly, you have not registered onsuch sites, here are the links. They are referral, which means that you do not lose anything, and I will drop a penny on new coupons. And maybe with your help I can still try something.

Biglion.ru - at registration 100r to your account
Groupon.ru - upon registration 300 bonuses to your account

There are other sites, though they are less popular.

Inactive entertainment

In addition to all sorts of activities, we still drove alonghomesteads and parks. I can not say that it is directly fascinating, but nevertheless, it is necessary to walk, and it is more pleasant to do it every time in a new place. Below, a list of where we visited.

P.S. Do you already know what to do in Moscow at the weekend? Maybe something advise of active events? Optional coupons ... I'm thinking about a parachute, just dumb.

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