Things steal our time - how to be saved?

For me, any New Year or Birthday likeanother milestone in life when you want to rethink something, to put things in order in your head, and most importantly at home - to thin things and get rid of unnecessary. After all, if a person has order at home, then he has order in his head, and vice versa. I don’t know what the first thing is, chicken or egg, but it starts me straight, if things are not in their places, or there are too many of them and I lose control over them, it is psychologically hard. Similar desires with thinning arise after trips, because of them you return a little different, and the space just needs some adjustment for the new self.

I wanted to ask everyone if things are stealing your time? In theory, they should release it to us, but not to take it away, right?

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Things steal time

The more I live, the more I notice that thingssometimes they complicate my life, although initially they were called upon only to facilitate it. Basically this is a waste of my time. Look, what is the outcome.

Before you buy something, you need to read about it.on the Internet, especially this technology concerns, because so much junk is sold, and without reading reviews in any way. Moreover, buying a well-known brand and top model, you are not insured against anything at all. Next, you need to go and buy, and if everything is just simple with the equipment, you order in the online store and you will be brought, then in the case of clothes you have to go to several shopping centers and spend several hours looking for the right thing, because you will find a combination of functionality and external the view is quite hard, often there is only one thing, either an appearance or a functional. And sometimes nothing at all :)

After the purchase, unfortunately, no time wastedare running out. For purchased clothes, a new closet is needed, because the old one is already full, and the closet also requires a long time chain: reading reviews - finding the right - buying - assembling. If the cabinets do not fit in the housing, then buying a bigger apartment is required. A technique requires maintenance, for it has become too clever. I have to serve 3 laptops, 3 smartphones, and 1 tablet (3 people: I, Daria and Grandma), this is in addition to any other devices that require less attention. That is, 7 devices, where something is periodically buggy, freezes, or you need to install new applications. Even vaunted macbook did not save me from the hassle of all 100% (sometimes you have to do something).

Things take not only space, but ultimately time

Things take not only space, but ultimately time

It seems to be everything. And no! Things are breaking down, fashion is changing, or something new is emerging and it is now necessary, and as a result, the endless circle goes on and on, because it is common for a person to constantly improve his comfort and equip a home. We are constantly changing wardrobes, cars, appliances, doing repairs in the apartment, building and rebuilding the cottage. That is, the meaning of life is obtained in comfort and in the accumulation of things (households), because it is for this that we work 8 hours a day, and we spend most of our lives on it.

How to save your time

Saving money and things

The sadness is that me personallyalignment is not satisfied. Looking back at my life, I just feel sorry for my time spent. If once I could sit for hours and put various applications on the phone, or rearrange Windu, now it seems to me to be a sort of outrage :) Well, by golly, boring. Likewise, I don’t want to make a car (maintenance, oil, car wash), furnishing an apartment (new household items, repairs), and most of all I don’t digest going to shopping centers in search of clothes, this is trash. If I had my way, I would have made clothes / shoes everlasting so that I would never look for them and walk in the same clothes for years.

Think price decides? Also no. It has long been no longer set myself an obstacle in the form of prices, and I prefer to buy things of better quality (such as more expensive), but this does not save at all. Only occasionally, buying something more expensive, you can only save time searching, that's all. Any things take time, generally any. Only the refusal of something, as a rule, imposed, helps. No things = no problems = there is time = profit!

The most striking example - fees on the road. I need about 15 minutes to get ready for an ordinary trip, and maybe 30 minutes to get ready for wintering in Thailand. I keep all my things in my head (in the sense of remember), and each thing performs a specific function, so I don’t need to think what to take, I always know it, even wake up at night. And since there are not many things, they will not be collected for long, I left the city backpack and was ready. While Daria can meet for several days, thinking through some combinations, remembering what is in her closet, trying on clothes and thinking, and what to choose.

I will share the simplest life hack associated withclothes - to buy several identical sets of clothes / shoes at once. This simple idea was very effective! You buy, for example, first one pants, go to them a little, and if everything suits you, you should immediately run to the store and buy another 2-3 exactly the same, while this model is still sold (it usually changes once a year or more ). Thus, it is possible to free up time for a few years ahead, and in the case of shoes in general for 10 years, if you buy several pairs at once. Well, about the fact that you can buy tourist clothes, as more durable and functional, I think everyone knows that. By the way, a good option is a Decathlon shop, you can dress up very quickly and practically, inexpensive and functional things are sold there.

Life hacking - when ordering online on the website of Decathlon,but through Letyshop cashback service, there will be a 2.5-5% return for all goods. If you do not know, they have a delivery, so you can order everything home. By the way, cashback can be returned in several hundred stores, look through their catalog on the site.

Time saving

Do not forget that the money spent onshopping is time too. I worked for a month = I bought a macbook, I worked another one = I bought an iPhone, I worked a year = I bought a car, I worked another year = I made repairs. The chain can be continued, as I have already said, it is infinite, once the circle is completed, the next one begins. Identifying a purchase with the time spent, it is sometimes easier to decide whether it is needed, it may still have time to spend, because time is a more valuable resource, since it is irreplaceable.

Therefore, you can save not only money, but alsotime spent on uninteresting and essentially useless activities. I doubt that someone straight like to go for groceries, or hang around in the service station, passing MOT. On the other hand, it is not so easy to get rid of these activities, they have become an integral part of life, part of the daily routine and everyday life. If it does not soar you at all, then it is, of course, great, I can only envy.

I want to find a balance! Balance, where even a part of life does not go away on things and life. So that I would not become a slave to things, serving them, and not pushing away my dreams or interesting things for later. To turn back, it does not become a shame over the past years. So that inside there is always a pleasant feeling that life is flowing correctly and I have nothing to regret. So, asking myself every day what I would do if I had only a year left to live, I could answer myself that I would do the same thing that I am doing now.

But no one says what to buy or spendno money at all. Sometimes, on the contrary, it is better to spend money and save time, although this is more of a service: the computer staff should fix the car in the service station, the webmaster serves the sites, the housekeeper does the cleaning ... But again, the question is in the balance sheet, because individuals need money, which is also earned at the expense of time.

P.S. And how do you struggle with this whirlwind? And are you fighting? :)

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